Gluten Free Mollie D

Eat, well. 



Dinner time. Our favorite time. Every day.

Whether we're making a delicious tomato sauce, a spicy curry, a batch of chicken meatballs, a simple Greek salad, or something entirely different, we're cooking dinner and sharing it with you. 

And it's all gluten free, made from scratch, and all natural. Always. 


Every sunday, I plan the dinners for the week selecting recipes from the cookbooks on our shelves, or the vast array of options online.

Our week runs Sunday-Thursday.

because on Friday nights, we go out! 

Every dinner is gluten free and safe for those with Celiac Disease. we adjust recipes as needed to make them gluten free, but honestly, the majority are already good-to-go.

And that's the best part.

we are here to show you that A GLUTEN FREE REQUIREMENT will never limit your ability to enjoy amazing meals, made from scratch, at home.

Because dinner time is the best time. Every day. 


Oh, we're baking, too. 


Because cookies are an integral part of joy. 

Eat, well.

Gluten Free Mollie D.