Gluten Free Mollie D is founded on the belief that everyone can eat well and that it is easy to eat delicious, gluten free, all-natural, and homemade food daily with those you care about most.

Growing up, my family had dinner together pretty much every night of the week and that tradition is one my husband and I instill in our home today. Dinner, in my opinion, is the most important meal of the day because it’s time to eat a great meal, all together.

We feature our homemade, gluten free dinners on Instagram five nights a week (Sunday-Thursday), every week. We go out on the weekends, and start cooking again on Sunday. I create our meal plans by combing through my cookbook collection and select five, unique recipes that satisfy every craving. My cookbook collection is not specifically gluten free. What?! Are you surprised?

The secret (or not-so-secret) to our dinners is that we make any recipe out there, and adapt it to be gluten free. The best part is that countless recipes we select, and feature, are already naturally gluten free! It just goes to show that preparing delicious dinners that are entirely gluten free is far from impossible. In fact, it’s easier than ever.

In addition to sharing our dinner each night, I take the same can-do attitude into the world of baking. While my husband is the dinner-chef in our house, I am the baker.

My drive for creating an informative and positive food-focused environment is fueled by ongoing support from family and friends, but has stemmed from a lifelong passion for food and a constant optimistic attitude.

Gluten Free Mollie D is a celebration. It is a visual display of my lifelong love of food and it is a destination for those who love to eat well and want to learn about how to do so. Not only are we sharing our dinners nightly, and lots of cookies, but we are sharing the tools necessary to navigate eating according to a dietary restriction.

My Celiac Disease diagnosis has been a blessing in that it has taught me how to appreciate food in a brand-new way and has empowered me to share that appreciation and newfound knowledge with the gluten free community.

Gluten Free Mollie D is a resource for those who seek guidance for living a gluten free life, but most importantly, is a place where we can gather together, be happy, and eat, well.


Disclosure: All opinions and ideas expressed on this blog are my own. While I am sharing what works for me and my Celiac diagnosis, I am not a medical professional and recommend consulting your doctor prior to making any dietary changes in your life.