Flavor Buffet: Edition Two

Welcome back to Flavor Buffet! This edition offers a glimpse into the vast world-wide-web of (food world) articles that exist online and that strike my fancy. They’re mostly (😬) food related. 

Here are five of my favorites that I found this week! Plus a bonus!

If there’s a site/blog out there that you think I should know about, let me know! I love adding new blogs to my reading list. 

1.  Whenever we visit NYC, there’s a list of places I deem as “must go” since I no longer live there and often miss (so much) certain places to eat. What I didn’t realize is the vast number of “food halls” that now exist in the city! I know of a couple great ones, but this list is giant. Check it out for some new places to visit next time you’re in Manhattan and the outer boroughs.

2.  Seth bought enough polenta last year to last us until I’m 40, but surprisingly we’ve been using it more often than I anticipated. We had been sticking to one recipe for making the delicious dish, but this one seems to be even better. And anything that claims to be the “creamiest” is well worth trying in my book. :)

3. Aside from watching a stupid number of food-related TV shows (all the time), we love a good home renovation reveal and who does it better than ‘Fixer Upper’? Sadly, the show came to an end on Tuesday, and we missed it (ahhhh), so I’m grateful for DVR. This piece is a sneak peek at the series finale that I hope to finally watch this weekend.

4. While this series isn’t specifically for recipes, this is one I’m dying to try at home and these looked perfect. Who wouldn’t want fresh, hot, and ultra-cheesy mozzarella sticks at the ready? I want them immediately. Plus, the author includes some fun details about her passion for this delicious snack. 

5. Superfluous and non-serious, and not exactly food-related, but whatever. I’m a major fashion fiend and one of my favorite designers got engaged this week at a very unique location! Congrats! And also, awww


Many fond memories of this treat from the few times I’ve eaten it (long ago). But now, my goal is to bake it entirely gluten free!

Happy reading! 

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