Flavor Buffet: Edition Three

It’s Friday and you know what that means? Time for Flavor Buffet! A quick roundup of five food-related articles (mostly) I’ve found around the web that have peaked my interest this week. Plus, since you’re all so great, a bonus one at the end.


1.  When I was at NYU, this restaurant felt like one of the coolest spots I’d ever been. I loved the energy, scene, people-watching galore, and the yummy food. Clearly this was pre-Celiac since I always ate a lot of breakfast carbs (yum, brunch!) during my daytime visits. I have many fond memories of this bustling Meatpacking District destination which made me feel way cooler than I was by far. And while it closed years ago, I heard it’s coming back! I can’t wait!

2. Of course, I cannot eat regular pasta. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the existence of possibly the cutest pasta ever. Candy-shaped pasta is happening, people, and it’s all over the place. Now, shall I try to make it at home and gluten free? Probably.

3.  While I love a big glass of water, I know it’s important to get your hydration in various forms. Here’s a cool list of recipes that are packed with veggies, mostly gluten free (edit where you need to), and super hydrating. Not a bad way to up your daily water intake! 

4.  Is anyone else a big fan of Ina Garten? I am and always will be. Her cooking shows calm me and are often on our TV during weekend mornings - they feel like the sunshine that’s splayed across our living room wall. So her new show, Barefoot Contessa Cook like a Pro, is sure to be a hit as well! I’ve heard it’s like a “gentle boot camp for home cooks”  which makes me even more excited.  

5.  Something we should mention more often is our food budget. While we don’t often set a specific limit on our own grocery bill, this series is fascinating as it follows families and individuals around the country for a week as they track (and describe) their food and drink expenditures. I think I will spend an entire day reading all of the entries this weekend. 

Bonus!  I love shiny things more than I care to admit and adore confetti way too much. So check out this interesting discussion on... edible glitter!

Have a great weekend!