Flavor Buffet: Edition Four

Welcome to our weekly Flavor Buffet! Here’s a quick roundup of five food-related articles I read this week that I hope you check out and possibly enjoy. As always, I’ve included a bonus article because life’s too short to limit what you read. :)

Here we go!

1.  Whether you’re a fan or not, this interview with Giada De Laurentiis is pretty entertaining and I’d recommend giving it a read. Sure, her tv shows are somewhat posed, and many people aren’t willing to give her the time of day, but she has legitimate training as a chef and has built quite an empire. And that’s exactly why she fascinates me. She created a large, namesake brand that’s rapidly expanding. Kudos to her. 

2.  While I frequently read about restaurant openings in Boston and other major cities, I stumbled upon this section on Eater featuring openings in the 'burbs! Especially enticing is a new frozen custard location - care to join me? I can't wait to visit.

3.  Yes, there are countless chocolate chip cookie recipes out there. And new ones are probably added to the cannon daily, but apparently this recipe is claiming to truly be the "best" one ever. It's framed as being terrific for kids since it comes together quickly and results in a dozen cookies; a great number for sharing.

4.  It's not news that there is a major "girl power" movement going on, and I couldn't be prouder. This article features an interview with three female chefs on why now is such a defining time for women in the food world. Also, this article is featured on one of my go-to lifestyle sites: The Every Girl.

5. Speaking of desserts, I like to know what's current in the pastry/dessert world and apparently there is a lot to talk about right now. And while I cannot deem anywhere on this list Celiac-safe, I still enjoyed reading about all of these new pastry trends and bakeries on the rise.


I saw this article featured on one of my longtime-favorite lifestyle blogs, Cupcakes and Cashmere, and had to share it with you, too. A drive along the entire PCH is a major life goal so I’d love to include some of these spots to sleep in along the way... so dreamy! 😍

Eat, well. 😎