Flavor Buffet: Premiere edition!

Welcome to Flavor Buffet!


Maybe we need a cookie buffet, too? 

A new weekly series where I'll share five great food-industry-related articles I've found and enjoyed reading throughout the week.

The internet is vast and there's no way we could ever cover it all, so here are some fun and informative articles hand-picked just for you!


1. We use online reservation systems fairly often, but honestly I almost always prefer sitting at the bar. My long-term planning skills aren’t that awesome when it’s just a dinner for two. However, this article is a great discussion about the wide-world of online reservation apps and the actually very competitive landscape that exists. Who knew?


2.  As a longtime reader of New York magazine online, I’ve always loved the Grub Street Diet column.  The variety of the guests and their writing styles is always entertaining and it’s fascinating, to me, to learn what “regular” people eat during a week. Not to mention they are often hilarious! This week’s is especially well done. 

3. Need a last-minute dish to bring to a Seder this weekend? Or just crave some matzo ball soup? This article features so many choices and I am certain they could all be made gluten free. Now, where’s my matzah? 

4.  What is this amazingly awesome feature and why am I so late to the party? This cookbook competition is a yearly feature on Food52 (corresponding to March Madness) and within minutes I was sucked in and can’t wait to find out the winner. Plus, the reviews are written impeccably - and very funny! PS: I’m buying all of these books. 

5.  Never one to scoff at silly, but somewhat informative articles, this one is interior-design focused, and shows many of your favorite TV show kitchens as digital renderings. It discusses why each is actually a great design for real life - how handy! I’m bookmarking this for the future. 


I couldn't resist because this is one of my favorite foods! Enjoy!