Flavor Buffet: Edition 10

It's Flavor Buffet Friday! This week's selections include a hilarous race, suggestions for having a better night's sleep, and a sneak peek at the next season of Top Chef! I hope you enjoy these articles I've found while perusing the endless supply of food-related chatter that blankets the always-hungry Internet.

Link to article referenced is directly below each description. 

1. While I’m not unable to get a good night’s rest, I do often have trouble falling asleep. Low and behold, I found a great piece that offers so many delicious solutions to helping me relax and get some shut eye much more quickly! Finally! 

2.  You guys must know already what a fan I am of the suddenly omnipresent Milk Bar, which began by opening its first shop in NYC many years ago. Now, it’s not a GF bakery, but their ideas (Christina Tosi!) are amazing and I’ve loved using the cookbooks lately. Their newest location in DC includes some pretty sweet (hehe) extras, so I’d recommend checking it out. :)

3. David Chang, of the Momofuku empire, is a pretty cool guy. And he has some very interesting comments about how he’s growing his businesses. All I know is that his restaurants are wildly popular and I’m just hoping someday that the fried chicken sandwich is offered gluten free. ;) 

4.  Every month Bon Appètit (online) shares its 10 most popular recipes from the previous month. Surprise, surprise, the number one recipe from May was - you guessed it - gluten free! Guess I’ll need to bake it... :) 

5. The next season of Top Chef is in Kentucky! Did you know that? Well, I might have, but definitely forgot. So I was excited to read this article that featured Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio  discussing the upcoming season and all the glorious food that Kentucky is excited to share. 


People rolling down a hill after a wheel of cheese in order to win... the cheese. Oh England, I'm forever a fan (I'm still browsing royal wedding photos, no joke). But really, for me to potentially get quite injured while rolling myself down a hill, I'd prefer to win wayyy more than just 8 lbs of cheese. How about 20 lbs? The video clips embedded in this article are pretty entertaining, too. I’m glad everyone involved looked to be having a smashing (did I use that correctly?) good time. :)

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Eat, well.