Flavor Buffet: Edition 11

It’s time for Flavor Buffet! Enjoy these light pieces to get you settled in for a relaxing weekend. Hopefully the weather is bright and warm where you are and you can take a moment to yourself to read on... 

Here are five fun articles from around the food-ish world on the Internet and one, very-non-food bonus! 

1. While I wouldn’t call myself a total-beginner in the kitchen, there’s definitely a lot to learn and I tend to let Seth handle the heavy lifting at dinner time. That being said, this article has a lot of great tips for those of us that are new, and maybe even a little nervous, when cooking up our favorites in the kitchen. 

2. Now, I definitely go by the preferred method of “homemade everything” when it comes to meals-at-home, but you need to draw the line somewhere. This famous baker shares their preferences when it comes to making it yourself versus just running to the store and buying it all ready to go. Hint: make your own guacamole!

3. The NYC cocktail scene is always changing, and I like to keep tabs on it to make sure I know what’s happening despite my Boston-based home. Apparently, purple cocktails are everything right now and I’m not sure how I feel about it! 😳 Take a peek at these purple concoctions and let me know if you would try any of them... I’m still undecided!

4. Restaurants in your own neighborhood, if frequented, become a second family of sorts. And there are countless neighborhoods with countless restaurants around this country. Bon Appètit shares this incredible journey all over the US to find many of the most beloved neighborhood spots and why they’re so important to so many locals. 

5. While we’ve been watching re-runs of Fixer Upper once in a while still, the Gaines family opened a sweet little restaurant, Magnolia Table, in the process. This article and video goes behind the scenes a bit as Joanna Gaines chats about how/why they opened a restaurant and some of her favorites on the menu. Once again, I’m biscuit-brained and need to make hers immediately. 


Did you know that Sex and the City had its 20th anniversary this week? Wow. Not only do I kind of feel old from hearing this, but it often makes me wonder how the show would do in today’s tech-driven world. Conveniently, the original show writers imagined up a few episodes if the crew came back to do SATC: 2018. They’re all funny and very appropriate for the times. And made me nostalgic for those hours and hours (and hours) that I watched re-runs all those years ago (on dvd!) with my college roommate. 

Have a wonderful weekend!