Flavor Buffet: Edition 12

Happy Friday, all! And that means it’s time for Flavor Buffet! Below you’ll find five articles I’ve read this week and deemed important enough to share with you! Mostly food-related, sometimes silly, but always enjoyable and informative.

The articles are not gluten-free specific because everything is gluten free when you’re just reading about it! 😂 Seriously, I read about every corner of the food world, even if the food I actually consume is required to be gluten free. I love to know about to all. The link to each article is located below the accompanying description. 

So, put your feet up and get reading!  

Let’s go!  

1. My Instagram account started long before my website, but over time I knew a website was necessary. Not only am I passionate about sharing our food photos of everything gluten free, I love writing about our meals and discussing every aspect of what we cook and bake just as much.

And while I knew it was just my mom reading it at the start, I never wanted to stop writing because of an audience I couldn’t quantify. I love writing and I love writing about our food. So, for me, this website is a real example of combining my favorite things.  

2. Did you hear? Karen Akunowicz is leaving Myers and Chang at the end of this month in preparation for opening her own restaurant. Say it isn’t so! While I’m so excited for her new venture, I’m a little sad she’s leaving this South End favorite.

Check out this article for more details and let me know if you’re going to M + C before Chef Karen moves on. 

3. You all know by now that I can’t resist the seasonal recipes and new-fangled suggestions constantly shared on Bon Appétit. This time around I’m psyched about a new summer drink recipe. It’s a “salty limeade,” and I cannot wait to mix one up.

It’s non-alcoholic, but turning it into a margarita was highly recommended by the article’s author. I really enjoyed the story behind the refreshing beverage, too, and look forward to the writer’s cookbook coming out next year..!

4.  Is there anything more “summer” than ice cream in New England? As someone who could eat it any time of year I may be biased, but regardless, going to get ice cream is part of the quintessential summer activity list.

Thank goodness for this list of 20 great MA-based ice cream shops as the temps start to rise again this weekend! I was surprised to see how many of these I’ve already been to! Let’s go get a scoop! Or two. ;)

5. While my summer plans are often up in the air, one trip that would be fantastic would be to head back to The Hamptons and go to the second season of EMP (Eleven Madison Park) Summer House. It looks beautifully chic, ultra-relaxed, and oh so delicious.

While the GF offerings may not be bountiful, I’d go for the cocktails and the (probably amazing) scene. Oh, and they have lawn games! 😎


As if someone read my mind this week, I stumbled upon an article from Saveur (from 2017) all about the best weekday breakfast recipes for a better start to your day. I'm working on having bigger breakfasts so that I'm not hungry two seconds after getting to the office. This list is actually pretty helpful! And, a gluten free recipe is included - hooray! 

Have a wonderful weekend!