Flavor Buffet: Edition 13

It's Friday and it's time for Flavor Buffet! Here are five articles I read this week, and a bonus, that I couldn't wait to share with you. I hope you enjoy them! A link to each article is directly below the brief description. 

1. While I have had Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook, Cravings, in my cart for a while, I still haven’t ordered it. But! My mind has been changed after reading this hilarious, honest account of “cooking like Chrissy” in which a writer sets out to use the book all week in an attempt to live and learn from this famous-for-being-herself home cook.

Everything looks delicious! And it’s a bit of a promo for Blue Apron, so just breeze through that and get to the good stuff. ;) 

2. It’s summer! And what’s more summery than a lobster roll in New England? Not much. Learn the secrets behind Chef Jasper White’s signature roll which sounds pretty heavenly and I’d like to order three right now. I know, this doesn’t feature a GF bun, but be creative, keep reading, and know that you can find inspiration for gluten free food just about anywhere. ;)

This same lobster setup would be pretty yummy on lettuce too, I’m sure. :)

3.  OK, the list of the world’s Top 50 Restaurants has been announced. Wowza! It’s impressive, but also keep your eyes open: not a single female in the bunch. 🙄 I won’t get into it here, but you know, there are countless female chefs/restaurant owners out there making some incredible food so read this list with a grain of salt. Pun intended.

I read this list to keep my mind open and aware to cuisines/dishes created all over the world, which I think is important, even if the (lack of) diversity is pretty shocking. 

4. My city! While I couldn’t find the exact publication date, this Boston guide features restaurants and more for your next visit. Or if you’re local, like us, maybe you’ll find a new place to try on the weekend or a new dish at a favorite location. 

5. Oh man, this article was basically created for Flavor Buffet and is the essence of what I try to do with this section: a fancy butter taste off! Nothing I love more than buying copious amounts of fancy butter (truth). This piece is an in-depth adventure in butter tasting, ranking 14 fancy butters from least favorite to most.

And while maybe your butter feelings aren’t quite as strong as mine, everyone can appreciate the taste of some amazing butter when spread on (GF) toast. I am also planning to buy most of these in the near future. I may need my own “butter fridge.” 😬


What better way to follow a butter tasting than with an explanation of the history-filled Texas toast?! I did not know its backstory, but now I do, and I’m fairly certain the awareness just makes me want to make it myself that much more.

Again, throw your gluten-free-needs (temporarily) aside, you’re just reading about, not eating, the favored thick-cut toast that has made its way out of Texas and into countless restaurants nationwide- even up to Boston! 😊

Have a terrific weekend!