Flavor Buffet: Edition Nine

Happy Friday, everyone! And cheers to the long weekend! Seth and I took an extra day for ours so we are planning on relaxing even more. Here’s this week’s edition featuring five fun articles from the food-maze of the Internet, plus a bonus one because it was too to silly (helpful?) to resist!  


1. Now, I’m not an expert on yogurt, or Iceland, but I did find this piece on how Icelandic yogurt made it’s way into Tex-Mex food rather fascinating. Who knew how well all those flavors would blend? It’s an interesting, and informative, history of how these flavors finally met. 

2.  While my first venture into pie-baking went well, it definitely didn’t feature a traditional crust. This article is a deep-dive into pie crust and how five different ingredient amounts affected the overall, final crust. Now, this isn’t about GF crust, but I’d love to re-create this test with my favorite gluten free flour to see how all of these versions turn out and taste. A yummy experiment, indeed! 

3.  One of our favorite shows, Life in Pieces, features the actress Zoe Lister-Jones, and apparently she’s up to a lot of cool work outside of her awesome TV show. This interview with her is all about the all-women crew she hired for a new project, and is really into eating greens. She’s a very cool person and is doing it all. Major inspiration!

4. Back to pie! In news that may or may not shock you, Mary Betty thinks that pies do not need a bottom crust. Blasphemy! Right? Well, the Internet  is up in arms (or pie dough) debating whether her declaration is correct or just plain... not. What do you think? 

5. Boston magazine has a new column in their restaurant section! It’s called Ask the Editor and readers can write in with any restaurant-related question they may have! This week’s question was, “What’s a good group brunch spot in Boston?” I enjoyed the answer and it opened my eyes to a couple new spots I haven’t been to yet. I guess it’s time for brunch! 


Do you deep-fry at home? Have you ever been so daring? We haven’t gone to that oily level yet, but if/when we do, I’ll be sure to keep this set of handy tips to stay safe, and have delicious results, close by. Happy Fry-day! 😉

Have a wonderful and delicious long weekend!

Eat, well.