Flavor Buffet: Edition Eight

Time for Flavor Buffet! A weekly roundup of five share-worthy articles from the vast food-section world of the Internet! Plus, I have included a bonus piece because trimming down to five is hard enough!  

Enjoy these mini-feasts for your eyes and have a great weekend! 

1. Are you familiar with Molly Yeh? Well, if not, then I highly recommend her charming blog, My Name is Yeh, since she’s skyrocketing to cool-blogger status (even though she was already on that list) by getting her own TV show on The Food Network! How snazzy!

I look forward to watching because I saw her coverage during the Olympics and it was very fun, hilarious, and real. And, she has a cool pre-blogger background that makes her recipes and stories that much more interesting to me. 

2.  The royal wedding is tomorrow!! I’m pretty excited to get up way too early and watch from my bed. Will you be doing the same? This article is a really entertaining piece by someone who imagines being invited to the wedding and the subsequent question of, “what will I eat at the royal wedding?”. A fluffy, happy Friday bit of reading. Enjoy! 

3. While I don’t consume a lot of dairy, I often wonder how I’d do cutting it entirely. And while I know I’d miss cheese and well, cheese, I often think it couldn’t be as difficult as I imagine. Check out this piece for how someone’s dairy-free-week turned out.

4. In news that may not surprise any of you, millennials (is that me? maybe?) apparently hate iced tea. However, as someone who is still considered a millennial (according to the technical term), I very much still enjoy this iced beverage. Potato, potahto. Apparently you’re a millennial if you were born between 1982-2002. Yup, I’m in that bunch! 

5.  I'm all about baking lately, and this guide is perfect for finding some new books to add to my collection. Nine best baking books recommended by the best pastry chefs? I'll buy them all right now, please. And I love that they’re categorized by your skill level / expertise / baking-confidence. My Amazon cart is full, again. 


I can't decide if this is funny, useful, or just barely entertaining. Whatever your thoughts are on Martha Stewart, you may want to check this out: she's coming out with a book series on how to do everything. Just like her. 

Hope you got a laugh or two from these and perhaps some helpful info, too! 

Eat, well.