Flavor Buffet: Edition Seven

It’s Flavor Buffet Friday! Here’s a quick roundup of five articles I read this week that I deemed worthy of sharing with you. While not all food-related (and not specifically GF), they are fun pieces to read that allow you to relax and enjoy. Just like the weekend! 

Here we go! 

1.  While the tofu we had this week was not entirely crispy, I can’t wait to use this tip next time we make it. Tofu is a pretty healthy alternative to meat and I’m really starting to enjoy incorporating it into our meals. Besides, no one has time for deep-frying on a weeknight and well, your heart will thank you, too! 🤗

2.  I’m working on finding time for a visit to NYC and this new rooftop bar sounds perfect for my itinerary. The cocktails, vibe, and general “flavor” seem incredible and apparently this spot’s original location in Miami has been called one of the top cocktail spots - worldwide. The “come one, come all” attitude is equally appealing as well. 🏙

3.  Have you heard of the show Sweet Bitter that’s about to debut? Based on a novel that came out about working in the fine dining scene in New York, I can’t wait to see the show. I need to read the book too, but I’m pretty excited by the fact that the set is literally a complete restaurant they made for the show and had all actors train in a real, fine-dining restaurant. Authentic as ever, I hope! Fun note: no alcohol was allowed on set so wine glasses were filled with tinted water. 😮

4.  Are you familiar with Toblerone chocolate bars? Not the best, but also not the worst, candy? Apparently the shape of their classic bar had to change resulting in a smaller product, but the same packaging. Fans are ticked off! Yikes. 🍫

5. You guys, my favorite store-bought cookies, Tate’s, has been bought by a very large company that owns Oreo. Here’s hoping they leave everything the way it is so I can still buy their GF versions of the crispy classics. They’re so good! 🍪 


With the weather finally warming up and the sunshine lasting for hours after 5pm, it's time for patio season! Here's a big list of all the best spots to hang outside in Boston and relax with a snack or cocktails this spring and summer! 😎

Have a great weekend!

Eat, well.