Flavor Buffet: Edition Six

Happy Friday, folks! Over here on Gluten Free Mollie D, that means time for Flavor Buffet! Here’s a small roundup of articles I read this week that I couldn’t wait to share with you.

Some are funny, some are fun, and all are worth checking out to get your weekend started right. Or, save them up for Sunday when you’re relaxing with coffee and a pastry. You know Mollie Bakes: Pastry came out this week, right? ;) 


1. As if I needed another reason to eat more pickles, here is a follow up piece with even more great health questions answered. The tone of this article is relaxed, but informative which is how I like to read about why I shouldn’t live on cheese. I’ll be stocking up on fermented everything, and yogurt, if you need me. ;) 

2.  You guys, there’s a new batch of ice cream flavors cropping up in New Jersey and I need to investigate. Not sure what would be gluten free, but the descriptions alone may make me take a trip down there. They’re putting crispy pork in ice cream. I can’t even. 🤨

3.  Spring cocktail time is here! While I tend to stick to a set of specific drinks when I indulge, I’m excited that this new one includes tequila.  Here’s a seasonal cocktail I think we will need to try at home, or ask a bartender next time we’re out. Hello, sunshine! 

 4.  Nuts! I snack on nut butters often, but haven’t heard much in the way of their “healing” powers (just me?). Apparently I’m out of the loop because cashews are helping people left and right. Another great piece that’s funny, but also fact-filled and useful. 

5.  Mother's Day is only a week away! And if you're looking for something to give your kitchen-loving-mother, then here's a set of cookbooks she might adore! I have a handful of these, and yes, they're all excellent! Or, you could give her one of these books and offer to cook a meal together. :) 


I’m all in favor of new food content on television. In fact, it’s a lot of what we watch these days. But what about your children?! Disney is going to new depths to teach kids about cooking and eating well by starting an entirely food-focused brand of programming. Mickey pancakes, included. I may just have to tune in...

Have a wonderful weekend! 


Eat, well.