Flavor Buffet

The frigid temps have settled in Boston and yet I’m still considering a cold-but-sunny walk this weekend. Even if I’m freezing I can’t stay inside when the sun is out in abundance.

In other news, I made a fashionable update on Instagram stories earlier this week which means weekends will now include my very own #outfitoftheday (#ootd). I’m leaning into my fashion-loving roots and bringing you a splash of (my) style in addition to our nightly meals.

Real fashion for real life: I’ll be sharing my actual outfits (read: not staged) and personal preferences on everything from jeans to jackets to hair accessories and beyond. I hope you enjoy it!

Now, let’s get to this week’s food selections, shall we?


New year, new me! Or something like that, right? We’re still cooking every night and I’ll get back to baking eventually, but something we are leaning into more is the concept of leftovers-as-lunch and the occasional repeat meal. 2019 is just full of surprises! 😂

We’re also firm believers in eating all of the food we purchase, not letting anything go to waste, and using glass containers for storage. In the spirit of saving money and living well, in the kitchen, check out this massive list of ways to do both! Food52 culled together an impressive number of suggestions - from their readers!

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It’s no secret that I’m impatient. I hate waiting of all kinds whether it be for the train to go home or the water to boil for dinner. But patience is a virtue when cooking (and in life, of course) because things won’t cook properly if you don’t let them! And if you want specific foods crispy, then you really need to just let them sit in the pan and wait for that crispy goodness to happen.

Basically, my less-than-stellar patience is why I choose to bake instead of cook. Once something is in the oven, you physically cannot bother it without opening the door and possibly getting severely injured yourself (hi, oven burns). Baking is teaching me patience. Mostly. 😏

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While all of our meals are always gluten free, we sometimes dabble in creating dishes and trying recipes with other focuses (vegetarian, pescatarian, dairy-free etc). But what if we had to try only preparing meals that fit into the vegan diet for an entire week? I’m honestly not sure how it would go!

I don’t feel limited by my gluten free needs, but cutting out everything animal-related would be a stretch. I suppose coconut milk, tomatoes, and pasta would become my new best friends! Check out this piece for a funny story about what happened when the author went vegan for a week, on assignment, and learned way more than just how to prepare animal-Free meals.

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My morning routine includes making scrambled eggs. Every single day. But I wouldn’t say there’s anything magical about them (I do a quick scramble with greens and turkey sausage).

I was excited to find this article about ways to make “better scrambled eggs” because if there’s anything I get excited about, it’s ways to make my first meal of the day even more delicious. And even more ways to improve upon eggs.

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The debates over how to make the best chocolate chip cookie are seemingly endless. I’ve read my fair share of recipes and baked quite a bunch of cookies in my somewhat short (so far) career in baking this proclaimed “best” cookie.

And while I’m currently on a baking sabbatical, my personal choice, I don’t necessarily think the news in this piece is surprising or Earth-shattering, but it’s definitely an excellent tip. Why use only one type of chocolate in your cookies? The best ones are filled with variety. ;)

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Avocado toast and guacamole lovers beware! Apparently there could be an avocado shortage coming up, which means potential issues for all of the guacamole that will be eaten on Superbowl Sunday and all of the avocado toast eaten daily by throngs of people who share their toast on Instagram. ;) Yikes!

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This cabbage lasagna is intriguing and makes a strong case for the pasta-less mindset I’m on currently.

The most delightful protein-and-veggie combo is taken up a notch with this steak combo that’s entirely weeknight appropriate. Who said luxurious steak dinners must only exist on the weekends?

We don’t make burgers at home that often, but this Sunny Side Burger sounds delicious - even without the bun. ;)

Have a great weekend! 

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