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The first snow of the season is set to arrive in Boston this weekend. Am I excited? Not entirely. But I admit that a snow-filled Sunday will force me to slow down, stay home, organize my books, and perhaps turn on my mixer. Yes, I think going back to baking on Sunday will be the perfect way to ignore the storm and make our apartment warm and wonderfully-scented.

If you’re not planning to do such activities this weekend, or you live somewhere that snow won’t be an issue (lucky!), then might I suggest this week’s articles? Plenty of good reading - and eating - below!


1. The buzzword “wellness” can mean a myriad of different things to different people. For me it means staying on track with my exercise routine, eating healthier meals, and minimizing the sweets. Pretty standard, right?

But take a look at this crew of 22 who are making major strides in the wellness space and are actually changing the way we “eat shop and live” in 2019. Check out this impressive bunch!

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2. While everyone’s Facebook feeds are often filled with images of newborns and toddlers running around, it’s less often that we see the “before” pictures. My friends who have had kids talk a bit about their “cravings” and how they were much hungrier throughout their pregnancy than they otherwise would be. Makes sense!

This piece is written by a woman who assumed that those cravings were to be met every step of the way (ice cream for breakfast!), but in reality she learned it was way more important to eat far healthier than usual during those months leading up to the birth of her baby. She wasn’t depriving herself of anything, but she did have a much more balanced relationship with food than she anticipated. Guess it’s not all cake and cookies, huh?  

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3. And now I present you with a glorious slideshow of Super Bowl desserts (nice segway). Not exactly a standard article, but it is quite handy given the upcoming event. Are you planning a Super Bowl party?

Here’s hoping my favorite New England team makes it to the big game. 😉 And well, these jam-filled almond cupcakes (gluten free!) look pretty tempting...

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4. What’s your favorite seasoning for food? Salt? Pepper? Both? Surprisingly, or rather, not surprising, salt and pepper cannot and should not be used in the same way to season your food. Salt is added as an enhancement to the overall dish and pepper is more of an exact flavor. This seems fairly-ish obvious.

I just recently determined that I do like to add pepper to my food, but salt will forever be my favorite. Learn more about pepper’s place in your meal, below.

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5. Whether I am wary or not, being able to make a good, flaky (GF) pie crust is on my “must do” list for 2019. I’ve been reading a lot on the process and stumbled upon this piece which was ultra-informative. It posed the question: Why couldn’t you make flaky pie crust in a stand mixer? Turns out, you can!

According to the article, making dough this way can be done and yields awesome results. I’ll probably try a few methods (with and without kitchen appliances). I can’t wait to begin experimenting and finally dive into the world of pie-baking. Not to be confused with pie-eating, which is a piece of cake. 😉

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Chocolate is delicious. Chocolate is awesome. Chocolate can help get rid of your cough. Wait, what? It’s true. Thanks to science! Read all about the study that determined how everyone’s favorite sweet treat is more amazing and helpful than we even thought possible.

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All recipes below are what I’m currently craving like whoah. Can you tell I’m on a health kick?

This birthday cake may need to be added into my spring baking plans. So festive and looks undeniably delicious. I’d make it gluten free, of course.

What’s the trifecta of yum? Pretty sure it’s butter, milk, and Parmesan. Check out this “adult” version of macaroni and cheese. I’m sure we will all be hooked. Just make sure to use GF pasta. ;)

We reviewed a bunch of Super Bowl desserts above, but what about the main dish? Surely these chicken nachos could be an exciting addition to your big Game Day plans.

Have a great weekend and stay warm!


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