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Despite finding cookie crumbs, still, all over our apartment, I would say the 2018 holiday season was a big success! Crumbs included! And as we wind down the year, look to New Year’s Eve and subsequent 2019, I want to thank you so much for reading this section of the site.

Flavor Buffet is a fun way for me to share my passion for food and writing (and humor) with you all at the same time. So while the recipes and dinners are fantastic and delicious, I really enjoy offering this curated set of “foodie reading” with you every week. I hope you find the selections as entertaining and informative as I do, and that you’re inspired by some of the recipe recommendations as well. 

Here’s to a wonderful 2018 and what will be a fantastic New Year. Cheers!

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1. While I do all of the baking in our household, Seth’s in charge of all of the cooking. I don’t mind cooking, I just don’t enjoy it quite as much as baking. But I do think my cooking skills are slowly improving by watching Seth and by reading so many recipes!

Here are some helpful lessons learned about cooking by a writer for Bon Appétit who, upon acquiring her job at the food magazine, was then tasked with learning to cook! Funny that. 😉 Her writing is great and I’m sure her cooking skills are gradually improving now as well. 🙂

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2. Tell me, what are some of the best kitchen products you bought this year? Any new favorite condiments, sauces, or tools? Check out this fun list of the Best Pantry Staples the Bon Appétit staff added to their pantry in 2018.

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3. Ever wonder about where each ingredient in your meal came from? And I don’t just mean the grocery store around the corner. Learn all about where the eggs are hatched for a breakfast sandwich, the dough for the pizza is made, and the beef for your lunch break hot dog.

This is an eye-opening article about the process and many, many stages of how a day’s worth of food goes from farm to factory and beyond.

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4. Here’s an interview I stumbled upon with the founder of Whole Foods. Yes, that Whole Foods. The one that has everything you need and want to make all of the glorious meals. And thanks to the Amazon takeover, pricing has finally been reduced a bit. I wouldn’t say it’s “cheap” by any means, but the prices are getting better.

This is a quick piece to make us all a little more informed about how this Austin-based chain began and how dreams really can become reality. Cue the inspirational music.

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5. Celebrating in NYC for New Year’s Eve this year? And need last-minute plans that are far from Times Square?

Check out this handy guide which has all sorts of ideas for those that want to welcome 2019 in style, but not be covered in confetti and clustered with 4729744 of their closest friends.

I love New York around the holidays, but even I have never been anywhere close to Times Square for the ball drop. I prefer to watch that glitterball go down from the comfort of my couch, thank you very much. With a splash of confetti for good measure. 🥳

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In case you’re staying in, may I offer “40 New Year’s Eve Dessert Recipes”? My sugary-baking is going on a brief hold come January so I may as well make the Danish Salted Butter Cookies before the clock strikes midnight. ;)

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I’ll admit that I don’t like bananas. I’m sorry. But not really. However, I may need to make this banana jam purely because I like the phrase “banana jam.” Sounds like a party, don’t you think? 

Champagne Alfredo with Crispy Prosciutto and Shrimp. OK. Our NYE dinner is set. As well as my “farewell pasta dinner” because pasta is taking a temporary backseat in January. 

Salad cravings aren’t even a joke at this point. I’m full of cookies, cheese, pasta, and more and uh, fresh greens sound ultra appealing. Here are 8 Salad Recipes that will help with the post-holiday cleanse. And by cleanse I mean.. let’s eat some greens, please. 

One of my resolutions for 2019 is to eat more fish. I enjoy it a lot and the only reason we don’t cook fish at home more often is due to it’s short shelf life (buy it fresh and make it the same day) which makes it difficult to plan it into the week’s meals. But in an effort to eat more fish, this Flaky Cod is at the top of my list.

Have a great weekend and happy New Year! 🎉🥂

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