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Well, we made it! The final weekend before Christmas has arrived and... I still haven’t finished my shopping! 😮 But don’t worry about me; I’ll be all set. I’ve also got a few baking projects to finish and some holiday cheer to spread; it’s all good. We made it through this (long) week and are ready to settle in and really enjoy the holidays. 

So if you’re waiting for your flight, your train ride, or amidst the long car ride ahead this weekend, why not check out this week’s articles? Holiday tips, a few gift ideas (just in case), and options for entertaining guests with something delicious, these selections have a little of everything, plus a bonus that looks toward the New Year. 🥳 Snacks! are very seasonal and festive, too. 


1. While we did go for a quick weekend to Arizona earlier this month (yay Scottsdale!), warm-weather trips are not too frequent for us during the winter. Thankfully, this article discusses all the ways you can get that necessary vitamin D if you can’t book a trip to the Caribbean next month. But I must admit, a long weekend in seek of sunshine sounds pretty great right now. 😎

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2. Gift guides are everywhere you look - even this blog has one - but a gift guide I managed to stumble upon too late is this great list of food subscriptions to gift. I’m fairly familiar with some of these, but one in particular stood out: a butter club subscription?! Fancy butter mailed directly to me?! Wow. Is it too late to add this to my wish list? 😇

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3. Maybe you’re in the mood for lots of appetizers this Christmas. That’s OK! In fact, I’m a big fan of appetizers and some of my favorite foods are best served before the main course. Check out this piece on how to make an amazing cheese board to delight all of your hungry guests right as they arrive. There are even gluten free crackers  - how considerate!

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4. My baking drawer is overflowing with all of the necessities: flour, sugar, chocolate, sprinkles, all of it. And my baking tools collection is slowly growing as well. But since my edible supplies far outnumber the functional ones, I’m keeping this list of essential (cookie) baking tools handy. Again, could I add a few of these to my wish list? 

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5. So many families have recipes that have passed down through generations and are treasures for generations to come. But how about starting new traditions and new recipes with that new generation?

Yes, there will always be the classics (cornflake chicken is something I’ll make for the rest of my life), but let’s energize the young cooks and start a few new traditions too. You may be surprised by what they suggest! Case in point: Macaroni and Cheese Waffles.

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When reflecting on 2018, in the food world, there were plenty of amazing foods that came about, were discovered, or re-imagined. And yet, there were a hearty supply of food “trends” that this author really wishes will just disappear upon the start of 2019. Do you agree with this list? I’m on board with a lot of them, especially coconut chips. They are not potato chips.

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We don’t always have a formal Christmas breakfast, but now that I found these Ginger Scones I just may need to break out the baking tools before we open the gifts. :)

Traveling for the holidays? Going to a local get together? Bring along these Cocoa Almonds which seem like a terrific host gift, or stocking stuffer, or kitchen counter snack. 

Never one to shy away from shortbread, I’m loving the fun stripes in these Zebra-Striped Shortbread cookies that are ultra festive due to the sanding sugar edges! I’ll make these, too. Find the recipe, here

My baking list for Christmas just keeps growing. These Butter Pecan Cookies will most certainly make the cut. 

Best wishes for a happy, healthy holiday!

Gluten Free Mollie D | Eat and Give, well.