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What’s on your plate for 2019? I know, this year isn’t done quite yet, but that doesn’t stop the world from excitedly making lists of “the best” this and that for the new year. I love a good list. 😉 I’m curious: which foods do you think will be the “Top Food Trends” for 2019? Click below to see the Top 10 according to Pinterest.

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When it comes to sparkles and food, I usually tend to keep them pretty separate. I enjoy a sparkly sweater around the holidays, but mostly keep the glitter away from my cheese platter. However, this piece makes a pretty great case in favor of edible glitter so I’m willing to try it for the sake of fashion. I mean food. I mean sparkly, yet edible, food. 

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Let’s cut to the chase: shrimp cocktail is a true delight. And it’s a fantastic party appetizer. Also, I love ordering shrimp cocktail at restaurants and my own family cannot have a party, of any kind, without a giant shrimp cocktail platter being involved. It’s always there! But how come we don’t make it ourselves?

We’re usually so quick to buy it and just do the arrangement of the shrimp on said platter, but like.. maybe we should be making it. This piece is all about how to make that shrimp cocktail platter all on your own as well as the delicious dipping sauce. 

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Shall we go to Mexico City? Yes. We shall. Because if we go, then we can check out Chef Elena Reygadas’ restaurants which seem to be wildly popular and filled with delicious everything (I haven’t investigated the GF options).

This is a great read all about her day-to-day managing her businesses and is filled with cool facts about her career. My favorite articles are often about learning how someone’s dream became reality. And how it often includes food. ☺️

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Speaking of hosting, Bon Appétit has a cookbook club (!) and the December selection was Martha Stewart’s first book, Entertaining. How retro! I’m positive that book is on my mom’s bookshelf. And now I need to borrow it. 

The staff threw a cookbook club party that featured a number of recipes from Entertaining and it seemed like a great time! I love attending parties, but sometimes living vicariously through the photos is just enough to liven up an otherwise uneventful weeknight.

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Not food. Just go with it! 

Have I told you about how much I love New York? Well, I do. I’ve loved New York for almost as many years as I’ve been alive and it will forever be another home. I’ve visited countless times and lived there for educational purposes (for actual college and for learning to live on my own).

There is an annual feature in New York magazine called “Reasons to Love New York” and I always get a little sentimental about my favorite city. OK. A lot sentimental. 😬 And it brings back every joy and memory I have associated with the bliss I experience when arriving in Manhattan. 

This year’s edition is all about famous New Yorker’s favorite places in the city. And I’m so happy to recognize many of the spots and reminisce along with each of them. Hello, my name is Sappy. ☺️

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I am all about the dip come holiday party season. And this Hot Caesar Spinach Dip seems pretty perfect. Just use GF bread instead of regular (that’s the only ingredient you’ll need to swap!).

Can’t deny that I’m interested in making these Potato Chip Fried Chicken Wings... yum!

Tomato sauce, bacon, and pasta sound like a win no matter what. I think “Daddy’s Pasta” may need to make an appearance on our table this weekend. 

Considering a cake this season? This Olive Oil Cake with Bittersweet Chocolate and Rosemary sounds just delightful. A nice offering for something not-too-sweet, but still dessert-appropriate. (I would use all GF flour for this one and skip the spelt.)

Maybe you prefer the super-sweet, and that’s OK. I’m adding these White Chocolate Fudge Brownies to my list for those I know that can’t resist chocolate everything. 

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Considering baking this weekend? Check out some sweets, here!  

Enjoy the weekend, and happy Holidays! 

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