Flavor Buffet

“Did anyone ever call you the Meat Santa?” Yes, that’s a question my husband actually asked me as I was prepping this article, and while I sadly have to admit that no, no one has ever called me the Meat Santa, it’s now my new goal to achieve that name (nickname?).

For clarity, this question was taken from a Whole Foods commercial I accidentally missed. For further clarity, I’ve had previous ambitions to become a butcher. Now you know all of my secrets.

Time for the Buffet!

1. Not only is the holiday season a time for giving, it’s also a time for celebration! And that means parties. Lots of ‘em. Grab your favorite velvet pants/dress/shoes, or a sparkly necklace and get going. I personally love a holiday party.

If you’re planning to host one of these seasonal get togethers (bless you!), and want to have everything be awesome for your guests, then I’d recommend checking out this guide. It’s filled with helpful rules, suggestions, and ways to plan a soirée that you can totally manage (and your guests will love) - even during this crazy month!

2. Which kind of person is the hardest to buy for at the holidays? Some may say that buying gifts for “people with discerning taste” are the toughest. So particular! So stylish in their own, specific way. And they will often buy their favorite things before they can wait long enough to receive them.

Truth: I think I’m one of these “discerning” people. 🤭 I will admit I love shopping. I do admit I’m hard to buy gifts for because of it. Check out this awesome gift guide for your favorite person with “discerning taste.”

3. Let’s take a moment to appreciate these beautiful photos Chef Camille Becerras took during a recent trip to Northern California. Not only does it look like a relaxing time, but also one filled with delicious food and plenty of great memories made.

I’m all in favor of living vicariously through someone else’s weekend getaway. Isn’t that what Instagram is all about anyway? Just kidding. I love Instagram. How else would you know what I had for dinner? And how would I know what everyone else in the world ate for dinner? 😋

4. Cookbooks are an amazing gift, in my opinion. In fact, I included my top 30 cookbooks (that live on my bookcase) in my own gift guide (find it here!). But let’s take it up another notch with the Bon Appétit Cookbook Gift Guide which will most certainly cover everyone who loves flipping through pages full of beautiful food photos (and recipes, of course). I may even add a few of these to my wish list. ;)

5. It’s the holiday season and that means, in the food-centered world at least, it’s time for sugar! Cookies, treats, and sweets of all kinds are abundant this month and it’s pretty difficult to abstain entirely. Even I have a hard time limiting the goodies even though we rarely have sweets around the house (mostly because they will be inhaled immediately).

This is a great piece written by a dietitian who speaks directly and honestly about why the quantity and type of sugar consumed is more important than the fact that you’re eating sugar. My take? Sweets should be treats, and not necessarily a daily indulgence. Although this time of year that mindset isn’t exactly the easiest. 😏


Speaking of Whole Foods, were you aware of their “12 Days of Cheese” sale?! I most certainly was not. And now I couldn’t be more excited because I love cheese. Like I really love cheese.

For 12 days a different specialty cheese (each day) will be 50% off!! Check out the schedule, and continue drooling, via the link below.


1. Is there anyone that doesn’t love Spinach Artichoke Dip? It’s one of my favorite dips for a crowd, but also a delicious one to make... just because! This recipe improves on the classic with multiple types of cheese.

2. I’m working on enjoying the use of brown butter in cookies and this recipe for wedding cookies using brown butter seems like a great next step. Yum!

3. I’ve mentioned my love for pecan pie, but how about pecan pie in ice cream? Be still my heart. A GF version should surely be made.

4. OK, this isn’t a recipe, but a fun list of “the best gifts for bakers.” I love baking and can vouch for a lot of these items. And several are actually on my wish list, too. ;)

5. Cookies are on my mind pretty much all of the time. And now I’m focusing on these Buttered Popcorn Chocolate Chip Cookies. Need to bake ASAP.

Have a great weekend! ❤️

Gluten Free Mollie D | Eat and Give, well.