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This week flew by... suddenly we’re approaching December 1! November has come to a close. 😮

There was Christmas music playing at the gym, holiday specials nightly on TV, and the urgency related to gift-giving has fully seeped into my soul. Maybe that’s because my Holiday Gift Guide is now live? Maybe because I just really enjoy shopping. Regardless, the holiday season is here and we may as well enjoy and embrace it!

We’ve got an eclectic mix of articles this week, plus holiday recipes you may want to keep on hand for parties, gifts, or the random baking night. Whatever you’re up to this December, I hope you have a fun month! 


1. The mighty breakfast sandwich is a food I’ll never discuss lightly, mostly due to the fact that I ate countless of them growing up and now that I can’t just run down the street for a (safe) GF version, I put them on an even higher pedestal. Yes, I do make my own when the mood strikes.

This piece focuses on the joys of the Korean breakfast sandwich, which has ingredients that may surprise you, but make you (me) crave them even more.  

2.  Whether or not you’re over my Bon Appétit fandom is irrelevant as I’m just going to keep sharing their goodness and great writing. I hope you like it!

They’ve got a new column, “We’re Into It,” it’s easy-breezy and is all about what things their staff members are currently favoring. The debut column features their food director, Carla Lalli Music, sharing her current favorites.

3. The holiday season is a whirlwind for a number of reasons, but that craziness is pretty much why it’s essential to take a moment for yourself here and there. Let’s briefly jump on the “self-care” bandwagon to see how the Food52 staff is taking care of themselves when times get truly nutty around the holidays.

How do I unwind during these busy weeks? Many different ways, but several involve French fries. 😉 

4. You’ve heard of the ingredient miso, right? I love a warm bowl of miso soup in the winter. But what about miso-cured eggs? I’ve never had them; however, the process seems quick and could result in a delicious snack to have at the ready for guests throughout the season.

Besides, the eggs were featured on Salt Fat Acid Heat which is a glorious Netflix series hosted by the talented and very cool Samin Nosrat. I’m sure they’ll be great! 😎

5. Here’s a fun one about Bon Appétit’s Test Kitchen manager, Brad Leone, who loves keeping his Dustbuster charged and at the ready, at all times. To clean everything!

Oddly enough, Seth and I took a silly quiz this week, via Buzzfeed, about which Bon Appétit Test Kitchen staff member we are most like. Seth got Brad! Ha! And even funnier, one of his favorite possessions is his vacuum cleaner! I heartily laughed for a little too long. ☺️


1. Did you hear? The first Gluten Free Mollie D Holiday Gift Guide 2018 is now available! Access it here! 🍽🎁❤️


Recipes I have bookmarked specifically for the holidays - you may want to do the same! 

Chanukah starts Sunday and this Giant Skillet latke sounds like the perfect way to kick off eight joyful nights.  So. Much. Potato.

As if you couldn’t tell already, I’m a cookie fiend - eating and baking - which is why I’m ecstatic about the 81 Holiday Cookie Recipes available now on Bon Appétit. There’s a cookie in here for literally everyone. I’m grabbing extra butter and sugar ASAP.   

Still thinking about latkes? I am. I’d love to try this Latke-crusted Chicken because, uh, who wouldn’t want their chicken covered in crispy shredded potatoes? I’m salivating already.

My plans are in progress for homemade gifts and I can’t hide the fact that I’m going to make this Pine Nut Brittle with Rosemary. Seems like a wonderful sweet-savory combo, which I’m sure many of my friends and family (and yours!) would enjoy.

Have a great weekend, and happy holidays! 

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