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Hello, weekend! This short week felt kind of long, don’t you think? But that’s what happens when we haven’t seen the sun in many weeks. 🙄 I’m exaggerating, but that’s how it feels around here. However, let’s not let that ruin our fun!

From a new cooking show I can’t wait to watch to learning all about how recipes are developed and a product I’m about to buy, this week’s pieces are some of my favorites as of late. This is a weekly feature though, so I suppose each week offers something I can title “favorite.” 😎


1. Cooking shows are a constant these days and it takes some pretty unique content to get me watching. Sure, I’ll watch reruns of all the classics, but I’m always hoping for something new and exciting to appear on screen. Leave it to Netflix, of course, to make that happen.

Salt Fat Acid Heat premiered this week and I cannot wait to tune in this weekend. Based on the book of the same name, the show is all about reintroducing audiences to a more conventional, approachable “how-to” cooking show. It stars the book’s author, Samin Nosrat, who prides herself on welcoming viewers into her home and making meals that all home cooks can make and enjoy.

She will also be sharing more about where the ingredients come from as each episode of the four-part series focuses on a different country and cuisine. Can’t wait!

2. No matter your opinion on the place, if you live in New England, you’re familiar with Dunkin’ Donuts and their omnipresence in the northeast. However, Dunkin’ customers are a loyal bunch and many have been stopping in for coffee and donuts (and more) their entire lives.

This piece is all about the author’s parents who have the fondest memories of going to Dunkin’ after moving to the US from India. And even though their address has changed (they’re now in Texas), they will never forget their Dunkin’ memories, favorite flavors, and roots. 

3.  For all the blog reading, recipe research, and actual cooking/baking that takes place in our home, I rarely stop to think about how those recipes are created and how they really came to be. Silly me!

There’s a lot involved in preparing/creating a recipe that will eventually land on a food website that eventually gets onto our meal plan and eventually on our dinner dinner table. Check out this article by a recipe developer for Food52 and have a whole new perspective on the job.

Hard work, but it still sounds fabulous. 😉 

4. You know what I love? Caramelized onions.  Man, they are delicious. And they really enhance a cheeseburger, if you ask me. But! Beyond knowing how they’re made, it takes a while, I’m not entirely aware of what caramelizing actually means, science-wise. Please forgive me!

Thankfully, this article will teach us! And then we can go back to eating caramelized onions, and all the other goodies made amazing by the process, a little more informed. 😎

5. As someone who physically cannot say no when it comes to anything queso or nacho-related, I was interested and intrigued by Siete Foods’ new vegan queso product which is now available - I saw it at Whole Foods!

I love authentic queso! But will I love this vegan version just as much? Read on for the author’s review and I’ll see you in the checkout line. 


Who cleans up in your house? Do you dread dish-duty? Or is it not so bad? Out of all the kitchen-y things to clean, which is your least favorite? I have a few in mind...

Check out this entertaining piece about the hassles of dishwashing, besides being tasked with doing it. 🙈

Have a wonderful weekend!

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