Flavor Buffet

Here’s to the weekend, folks!

This week’s articles are all about the process. And the food. And the books. And... Let’s just dive in, shall we? The sun is finally shining and that’s got me psyched for the weekend. A beautiful fall weekend in which you can read, relax, and eat something awesome.

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1. Once in a while I let my mind drift into the major daydream zone and imagine owning a restaurant. Or a coffee shop. Or a bakery. Or someplace that offers food and drink to eager patrons. Clearly, my dream isn’t happening tomorrow, but it’s fun to imagine.

This piece is all about someone who made those dreams come true and is now sharing a great list about the realities of their dream. Hard work is hard, but living your dream still sounds pretty cool to me.

2. We have a drawer in our kitchen filled with baking sheets and cooling racks. And those pans are the standard sheet pans we all use all the time for “sheet pan dinners,” cookie-baking, and the oven-roasted veggies.

But have you ever used a quarter-sized sheet pan? They are adorable and may just be the next best thing I buy for my kitchen. And the best new tool for our weeknight meals. Cute and practical?! How great is that? 😎

3. Ina Garten has a new cookbook coming out later this month! I cannot wait as I’ve been a fan for a while and always find her recipes, and lifestyle, just delightful. Cooking in the Hamptons sounds... perfect.

Here’s a recipe right from the new book featuring what else? Cauliflower toasts! And by that I mean cauliflower-and-cheese-topped-toast which made me skeptical at first, but I was sold on the photo. Time to make a loaf of bread and hop to it! I bet it will be elegantly delicious. 😉

4. Did you guys know I’m a proud graduate of UVM? Well, I am and with that time spent in the Green Mountain State came a lifelong affinity (and passion?) for high quality maple syrup. I just love it. I always get a supply of the luxurious real-deal whenever I’m visiting the state and relish in the fact that I used to eat maple syrup poured over snow during my college days. (This is a true statement).

To celebrate the sweet stuff, here’s a long, long list of why maple syrup is seriously the best. Just in time for fall! Maple. Syrup. On. Everything.

5. Shopping in general is a favorite pastime and now that I’m constantly researching recipes for meals, cookbook shopping has taken center stage. Whether it’s online or in stores, I’m always browsing for new books and get quite excited when I add new titles to my collection.

But an entire store devoted to cool cookbooks?! I’m sold and already booking my flight. I know there are shops solely dedicated to cookbooks (and regular books!) right here in New England, but this one out west is extremely appealing.


Fried chicken. You can’t really say a bad thing about it, can you? It’s awesome. It’s crispy and crunchy. And it’s just plain amazing. But is there a way to make it even better? The answer is yes and this article explains the how and why. 😋

Have a great weekend!


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