Flavor Buffet

What a week! Let’s just be glad that it’s Friday and the weekend is about to begin, shall we? This week’s articles are a fun mix; I hope you find them both informative and entertaining!


1. Pancakes. The word alone elicits joy and excitement. I just love them. I once ate sixteen of them (long story). But how about going beyond the standard buttermilk variety? I love the classics, but I’m definitely interested in some of these far-from-boring creations that go well above the standard cake. This list even offers a gluten free option! Score. 🥞

2.  Now that fall is pretty much here, you know that the “busy season” for getting together with friends and family is underway as well. And what makes a party/gathering the best-ever? A grand cheese plate of course! Which begs the question...

How long is it OK for those cheese platters to sit out before consumption becomes - dare I say - unsafe? Check out this entertaining piece and you may be a little surprised. Pass the cheese, please! 🧀

3. Do you watch the show ‘Nailed It!’ on Netflix? If you don’t, I strongly recommend it for when you have a bunch of time to mindlessly watch (very) amateur bakers try to make extravagant baked goods. It’s funny and heartwarming as everyone seems to be giving it their all.

The host, Nicole Byer, is also pretty darn funny. She makes hilarious comments throughout every episode and it truly makes the show that much more enjoyable. This interview with her is great as it goes beyond her hosting duties, and comedic status, and centers on body positivity. She’s all for it!

4. How do you take your cofee? I prefer mine to be medium-strength and very hot. No, cream, milk, or sugar. Just black. However, on the infrequent occasion I have cold coffee, then I’m a little more excited to add milk or something else to curb the bitterness. Same goes for espresso - extra milk, please!

But what about a coffee spritzer? What? I know. I didn’t really get it either. But it sounds intriguing and Seth told me he’s definitely going to try making these at home. Bubbles and espresso and juice seem a bit off, but I’d be willing to try it! The “Spritzy Americano” may just be what I’ve been looking for in a new beverage! Maybe...

5.  Apparently, Whole Foods Market has a cookbook out in the world and is about to launch their second! And while I kind of hoped for a well-rounded second edition filled with all sorts of options from every department of the store, this cookbook is plant-based. Well then!

I’m never against veggies-only, sometimes I prefer those sorts of meals, but I often prefer cookbooks that are a little of everything. Some of these recipes do sound tempting though, so you never know. Maybe all the plants will land on my bookshelf soon, too.


I read restaurant reviews pretty frequently and rarely do I come across one that’s overly negative and/or scathingly mean. However, this one in particular, for a café that’s located in Seattle’s Space Needle, is both negative and very funny (to me). Food that’s offered inside a tourist attraction should be good, right? Right? 😬

Have a wonderful weekend!

Gluten Free Mollie D | Eat, well.