Flavor Buffet

Welcome to this week’s edition of Flavor Buffet! As the chill of fall has settled in Boston, it seems to finally be the perfect opportunity to get caught up on all that reading you forgot about during the summer! Well, for me at least, that’s the case.

Besides online articles, I’ve had a growing list of books, cookbooks, and random other pieces I’ve been hoping to dive into without worrying about missing out on great weather. I love a long walk in the fall when the air isn’t too cold, but definitely warrants a jacket, then going home to relax on the couch. I digress... this is about food, so let’s get to it!

Enjoy this week’s selections and let me introduce you to the newest addition to the Flavor Buffet lineup: Snacks! Located after my top five and bonus, Snacks! is a handful of recipes I saw online this week and have them now bookmarked. You may want to do that as well. 😉 

Let’s get reading! 

1. In the fall, apple picking is an activity as synonymous with the season as flannel shirts,  pumpkin everything, and shopping for new boots. But beyond picking the apples, and baking with them, there’s a whole other world of fermenting them to create hard cider!

You know cider, the other trendy beverage besides craft beer (which I cannot consume), which is actually having it’s time to shine right now thanks to trendy people making craft versions of this deceptively “basic” beverage. Low and behold, there are a lot of cool hard ciders out there!

Let this article take you on a journey to learn way more than you currently know about making this unique beverage and why the best ones are coming straight from New England.

2. If you’re following me on Instagram, @glutenfreemollied, you may notice that we feature meatballs as part of our weekly meal plans fairly often. Why’s that? Because they are so freaking delicious. And versatile. And amazing. Oh, and easy, which is key for a weeknight.

This piece is an ode to the “tiny meatball” rather than the larger ones that usually grace our plates. Not only is it well-written and entertaining, but it makes a mighty-fine case for making tiny meatballs next time we’re in the mood for spaghetti’s favorite partner, which, if you’re wondering, is pretty much all the time. 

3. Michele Outland is the creative director for Bon Appétit and she is doing some amazing stuff; most recently, their November issue which is about to hit newsstands. I’m anxiously awaiting my copy in the mail!

But how does such a powerhouse live their life and get it all done in a day? Well, check out her interview in The Cut’s How I Get it Done and find out! Link below.

4. So, there’s a cookbook that’s all about cooking with...crickets. 😬 Now, before you skip to the next piece, hear me out.

This article is about the 29 chefs who participated in the book’s creation and they are really trying to get us excited to want to cook with crickets. The book is filled with their recipes and this piece shows off their creations. Let me ask you: would you create a meal, and serve it to your friends, that includes crickets? I just can’t decide....

5. Personally, if I’m on public transit, I am not eating or drinking anything save for the random coffee, water, or quick snack like a Kind bar. However, many people in the world think differently than I do, and that’s OK, but uh... you should know the “rules” of eating while on public transit. There are just some places where it’s basically not OK to eat a full meal that’s full of all the scents.

This article is hilarious and spot-on. I hope you find it as entertaining as I did! Link below.  


Here’s a fun fact: I’ve never been to Disney World. That’s right, never. And no, I’m not upset by that and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. However, I have heard some of the food there is pretty good! But has this snack stand within Disney gone too far? I’ll let you be the judge…


Food52 launched a new product line! The first item is a pretty snazzy cutting board with a spot for your phone! 😮 See it, here. 

Lemon Velvet sheet cake recipe. I love all of these words and now I must make it. Grab the recipe, here. Of course, it’s by one of my favorites, Jessie Sheehan. 

Buffalo cauliflower? Yes. Because football and I’m trying to be a smidge healthy. Learn more, here. 

And for anyone who claims that it’s hard to find “gluten free recipes,” I just did a search on Food52 and came up with over 11,000 results. 🙄 Check out the list, here.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Gluten Free Mollie D | Eat, well.