Flavor Buffet

Cheers to the weekend, folks! Here is this week’s reading roundup featuring a fun selection of pieces that are a little all over the place.

From fancy plates to hosting friends, benefits of roses, and a new kitchen appliance, this week’s offering has something for everyone! Plus, the bonus is pretty entertaining, too.


1. I’ve always loved roses. And not just the red ones - my personal favorite are the big white roses that are so crisp and fresh - which is probably why I’ve recently started enjoying using a rose-petal-based face wash/oil every evening. It has made my skin feel great, but also leaves me with that rose scent, every night. 

Low and behold, rose-infused beauty products are all the rage now. Maybe I was ahead of my time, or rather, way behind, as roses have been used as part of wellness/cleansing regimens for far longer than any of us may have realized.   

I know, this isn’t about food whatsoever, but a little wellness is welcome once in a while too, right? 🙂🌷 

2. The type of dishes my meal is served on when out to dinner is never lost on me. In fact, no detail, dishes or flatware or glassware (even the napkin), is too small, for me to notice when I’m out at a restaurant (fine dining or otherwise). Come to think of it, sometimes I’ve noticed the amazing plates/serveware even before the food! I love a good charger plate. 😉

But how do such dishes, especially the ultra-fancy (expensive) and special ones, get cleaned at bustling restaurants that have way more to deal with than just washing plates. The care and effort that goes into washing may very well surprise you!  

3. How often do you host dinner parties for your friends? Once a month? Less? More? We don’t have dinner parties that often and it’s a shame (friends and great food and drink is a splendid recipe). However, we also aren’t adventurous enough to try having one during the week.

But! With this new outlook and method for prepping a weeknight dinner soirée, I may need to start adding them into the mix. Who wouldn’t want to shake up their Wednesday night with a party? Especially if delicious food is involved! 

4. KitchenAid is celebrating their 100th birthday! Wow! That’s a lot of appliances. And to kickoff the excitement, they’ve announced a new color for their forever-classic Stand Mixer. I’ll let you click the link to see for yourself, but I think it’s fabulous. And I’ll take one of each style, please. 😉

Pretty sure my baking adventures are in need of a second mixer. More mixing = more cookies. We all win. 

5. The road after culinary school can go in many different directions. Sure, a lot of the graduates move on to work in kitchens, but there are so many more food-related avenues these days that will benefit from your culinary degree that won’t have you sweating it out in a kitchen every day (unless that’s your goal and then by all means, you do you!). 

Take a peek at the wide variety of careers that took shape after this bunch graduated from Le Cordon Bleu. I was surprised to see the very cool jobs that emerged!  


Another day, another dollar, another lobster. Wait, what? Check out this brief piece about a man who got caught with way too much lobster. Or rather, he was selling way too much lobster. That he stole. 😮


Have a wonderful weekend!



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