Flavor Buffet

Let’s relax. It’s a long weekend! 

To get started, how about some light reading filled with ideas on how to spend your three days off? Or how about a couple recipes - maybe you'll be cooking? Or maybe you're interested in a more in-depth piece about a new women's co-working space? And if you feel like skipping all of that, then I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy the bonus. ;)


1. If you find yourself in NYC this Labor Day Weekend, I might suggest checking out this awesome list of the best rooftop bars. While NYC is amazing as is, I always find a view from the top an even more joyous way to see the city. 

During our trip last fall, Seth and I hung on a rooftop in midtown before dinner and loved seeing how the light changed, and brightened, as rush hour ebbed and flowed down 5th Ave. Can’t wait to head back soon for perhaps a few new rooftop experiences!  

2. Are you a fan of the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latté at Starbucks? I’ve never loved the flavor, but find it fascinating that droves of people head in for this ultra-sweet, “sign of fall” beverage starting earlier and earlier every year. In fact, Starbucks released the drink this week during a massive heat wave! No, thanks. I need something on ice, ASAP.

While I’ll skip the pumpkin spice, I am interested in this make-at-home option that has similar fall flavors, but fewer ingredients and can be prepared the next time we’re actually having cooler weather... 😉

3. Crispy-skinned chicken is one of life’s great poultry joys, don’t you think? Yet making that skin so crispy and perfect isn’t quite as simple as we hope, unfortunately. Although when it’s finally ready to be eaten, it’s always going to be one of the most incredible flavors on your plate.

Click the link below to find out how the chef of Drifters Wife (Portland, Maine) makes their famed Crispy-Skin Chicken and grab the recipe! Now, we can all make this succulent splendor any night of the week. 😎

4. We may be sticking around Boston for the holiday weekend and that means.. what should we do?! Are you going to be around as well? Aside from some writing projects and maybe more baking, I’m not sure of our plans yet!

Conveniently, Boston magazine has made a great list of options that include city adventures, dining options, and even activities off the harbor - shall we go sailing? Hope to see you around the city! 

5. Women-only co-working spaces/clubs are starting to pop up in several major cities and a new one on the West Coast has caught my eye. Are you familiar with this increasing trend?

I knew about The Wing, based in NYC, but this new one in San Francisco named The Ruby seems to be even more my speed - they have a big focus on food! The website declares it to be an “arts and letters-focused work and gathering space,” which sounds awesome to me. 

As much as I love having dinner at home and relaxing, I enjoy eating great meals with company and learning about new flavors and ingredients together, amidst other creative folks. I wonder if I could join from afar? 


“Monkey Mondays” has an amazing ring to it. And not just because I love monkeys and alliteration. This favored tradition at a Florida restaurant has come to an end because one of the capuchin monkeys that visited bit a child. 🙊

So many questions on this one: why are monkeys allowed in this restaurant? Why was a child not warned about the potential for biting? Could Monkey Mondays take place somewhere else? 🙈 I’d totally show up...

Have a wonderful weekend! 



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