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For this week, we’re all over the map! From learning about where restaurant swag is created, to a new cooking competition, to finally seeing some of the great fall cookbooks (are they here yet?!), this set of articles has a little something for everyone. Plus, there’s always a fun bonus!

Articles are available in the clickable link located right below each description. 


1. For longer than I care to admit, one of my favorite pastimes has been collecting the “goodies” or souvenirs from restaurants and food shops I’ve been to over the years. I’m always one to take a book of matches, buy a tote bag, a sticker, a postcard, anything that has the shop’s logo done in a cool, on-brand way.

Now, I’m not saying I’m cool, but I do love a unique product that displays a restaurant’s name prominently, especially if it’s a place I frequent or just really enjoy.

But who designs this stuff?! And who designs it so that everyone who visits said establishment, particularly people like me, buy the product immediately and treasure having a souvenir from one of their favorite spots.  

Read on to find out!  

2. There are many great materials that one can use to create sculpture. Clay, stone, ice, sand, butter, and so many more. Wait. Did I say butter? Yup. There’s a woman carving life-size cows out of butter for state fairs across the country and it’s pretty amazing.

First of all, how did she learn how to do this? And second, is this something I could ever become good at as well? Answers to that first question, and more, are found in this fascinating interview.

And let’s be honest: my sculpting career ended long ago during camp when I “sculpted” an unidentifiable animal out of clay and to this day my family says, “it’s not so bad!” And I quickly reply, “Come on. It’s hideous!” 😂 

3.  Boston’s South End has some of my favorite restaurants and has a wonderful atmosphere overall. And low and behold, there’s a new restaurant opening in this terrific area!

The restaurant, Whaling in Oklahoma (how hip!), has been opened by Chef Tim Maslow who has experience in kitchens throughout Boston and in New York City. Being called a “funky Japanese izakaya,” the menu offers a variety of Japanese dishes, larger entrées, a new-take on a tasting menu, plus desserts featuring Japanese sweets. 

With multiple seating areas each having their own, distinct decor, there’s also a private dining room that can become a karaoke spot. Who’s in for a visit? I’ll research the GF options too, don’t worry. 

4. I’m all about watching great chefs cook well and compete at the same time, so I’m looking forward to Netflix’s latest foray into the cooking competition world. 

The newest show, ‘The Final Table,’ will debut this fall and has a Bon Appétit alum as its host. Even better. Focused more on global culinary options, with each episode featuring a different country, I’m excited to see the new kinds of challenges and the guests that will be competing in the kitchen.  

I’ll be tuning in as soon as it hits the stream. Meanwhile, you can find me catching up on ‘Nailed It!’ 😉 

5. Is there anything more refreshing than cracking open a brand-new book? This part of summer, as a new school year is about to begin, I’m reminded about how much I used to enjoy gathering all of my new school books and organizing them on the shelves before the start of the year. 

And while I think I preferred gathering them more than cracking them open (textbooks, not novels), I always loved the fresh start of fall and having a stack of new books ready to go. 

These days, my new books are cookbooks! I love reading them, using them, and finding all kinds of great meals to make and eat and share with you! So now that the best fall cookbooks are about to be released, I’ve got them all in my cart, ready to be ordered. And then devoured. You know I’ll be buying all of the ones on this list. 😏


OK, fine. This piece has a handful of recipes for Monkey Bread. Not gluten free. However! Before you start freaking out, and getting upset that I’m sharing a bread-focused article that I clearly cannot eat (the bread itself or the article), just remember this: just because the recipe is about a non-GF item doesn’t mean it’s off limits. You’re not eating the recipe. 

These are great ideas for this sweet (sometimes savory) breakfast treat and I can’t wait to try and make at least one of them! Who knows? Maybe one will land in the next edition of Mollie Bakes... 😉 Stay tuned! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 


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