Flavor Buffet

What is it about going out to dinner that’s just so much fun? Sure, we cook most weeknights, but come the weekend, it’s all about heading out to a favorite bar for a bite and an evening of relaxation. Not to mention enjoying some food that we don’t have to cook! 

This week’s articles primarily focus on going out, which is quite appropriate given it’s my birthday weekend! Check my stories to see where we celebrate. 😎

I’ve also included an interesting piece about foods you should/shouldn’t eat before bed as well as a snapshot of the fairly sticky business behind your favorite, inexpensive rosé. Plus, there’s a bonus! 


1. Given the weather throughout summer, I often find myself ordering a super-cold glass of rosé when we are out on the weekends. Sparkling for a bit of excitement, but usually I skip the bubbles.

What I wasn’t aware of was the somewhat shocking “underbelly” of the wine business, specifically when it comes to inexpensive rosé that’s sold by the glass at some of our favorite restaurants. Take a peek behind-the-wine at this interesting feature all about how inexpensive wine is getting top billing at some restaurants where the better options are always by the bottle. 

2. It’s here! Bon Appétit’s Hot 10 - Best New Restaurants of 2018 - has arrived! And guess what? A spot in Cambridge made the list and even one further north in Portland, Maine!

All of the selected restaurants seem incredible and unique in their own way from menu design, to space decor, to the stories behind the plates, which to me, is sometimes the best reason to try a new restaurant. Take a glimpse at each of them and see which you’d want to visit first! 

3.  The concept of a pre-bedtime snack is always so appealing to me. Sure, I don’t need it and it’s rarely the healthiest part of my day, but a little bite of something is always enjoyable. However, have you ever wondered if what you eat before bed has an effect on your dreams and/or quality of sleep? I’d never thought too much about it until now.

This piece answers your most pressing questions about what you should, and probably shouldn’t, eat right before you head to bed. Sadly, I don’t think a giant piece of cake, or a burrito, made the list. But uh, if you’re having a burrito right before bed, then I have a lot of other questions for you! 😋

4. The Fenway area in Boston has become a shiny new neighborhood, for sure. Except, it’s not new (it’s always been there) but has been recently renovated from top-to-bottom to attract a massive amount of people who need to live/shop/eat in the area. And who could blame them for being excited by the changes. The options for all life necessities are great. 

The latest addition is Tiffani Faison’s newest venture (she owns Sweet Cheeks and Tiger Mama), Fool’s Errand, which is advertised as a hip spot to grab a drink and a small bite to eat. Faison has said that the space, with no formal tables or chairs, is supposed to encourage everyone to meet their neighbors and hang out together.

I’m not so sure I’m thrilled about a chair-less bar 😳, but I am all for making new friends in cool places. I look forward to checking it out!

5. In the world of fine dining, or really all dining, the treatment of women, and that standby phrase, “ladies first,” has been under the microscope as of late. And with good reason.

However, how do you feel about that phrase? Do you think women should be seated first, have their order taken first, and served first? I’m all for female empowerment, and gender equality, in every sense of the word, yet I’ve always thought it kind of awkward when the women at a table are assisted first by the server.

In fact, when Seth and I go out, he always allows me to order first, which is very kind, but I almost always defer to him, let him order first, and then I’ll make my decision. Maybe it’s because I can’t ever make up my mind quickly enough, or don’t like being put on the spot, but I like going second when it comes to ordering. Except at dessert time. ;)


With my birthday on Sunday, I decided to  include something about cake! And while this piece isn't about gluten free cake, at all, it is about an inspiring chef who makes wildly creative desserts at a very cool spot in a Washington DC hotel.

The creations are stunning and sound superb! And the story behind them all is excellent. 

Have a wonderful weekend!  


Gluten Free Mollie D | Eat, well.