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Welcome to this week’s reads! We’re covering a wide range of interests here from a new wine bar in Boston to fall cooking ideas, healthy restaurants in The Hub, a cool dining event, and how to make risotto even better. Plus, there’s a bonus!  

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1. There’s a new-to-me (two-years-old) wine bar! Featuring all sorts of interesting pours, plus small plates, and tinned fish (yup), I love learning about creative spots like this that offer something a little different than the standard.

This article says they’re serving some of “the most fun to drink wine” in Boston. And the best part? It’s run by a woman who is adamant about featuring bottles produced by female winemakers. Right on!

I skimmed the menu and noticed a handful of options that could be GF, so I’m looking forward to trying the food along with a fresh glass of wine in the near future. If you have been to Haley.Henry before, let me know! I’d love to know your thoughts. Most reviews are quite good!

2. As we are about to start fall, and then winter, I would like to draw attention to one of my most favorite cool/cold weather meals: risotto! Delicious any time of year, I do find it even more scrumptious when the weather is too cold to go out and I’m craving something hot and creamy.

But how do you turn risotto from a regular-level creaminess to next-level creamy-dreamy? The answer may surprise you! This is a trick I am definitely willing to try next time we buy Arborio rice. 😉 

3. Speaking of fall meals, here is a terrific list of fall-inspired dishes that I’m keeping tabbed on my laptop. With options spanning the “globe” of fall flavors, I’m strongly considering a number of these for upcoming meal plans. I even saw a few we’ve made already!

While these warm days are still kind of nice, I do admit I’m ready for fall and all of the glorious flavors that shine during this brief, but joyful season.

4. The lives of chefs are often quite the sight. Busy kitchens, bustling restaurants, and long hours tend to encourage all sorts of behaviors, many of which include heavy drinking and more. So what happens when five chefs, who are all now sober, get together to cook a multi-course meal with non-alcoholic drink pairings? It seems like it just may be a recipe for delicious success.

Tickets are no longer available for this event, but I hope there are some great reviews once it takes place.  

5. Another Boston feature! Hooray! My fair city, in Massachusetts, is among the healthiest in the nation, despite the prolific amount of fried seafood, lobster rolls, and chowder available to us at all times.

So, where’s the healthier food? I’m glad you asked! Here is a list of the “best healthy restaurants” in Boston. Such a wonderful variety of cuisines represented and so many places I need to try! Despite living in the area and recognizing all of these names, we haven’t actually been to that many on the list. Well, now’s the time! See you there!


This week’s bonus is brought to you by Seth! When tasked with finding the funny article for this section, he really delivered.

Have you ever tried to eat the same amount of food (and same foods) in a day as an NFL player who’s training and trying to gain weight? No? Not yet?

Well, this blogger tried the gargantuan task for a day and it was hysterical, if not slightly horrendous and dangerous (so. much. food.). However, I was highly entertained by her review of the day - well done! And even just reading it, I felt way too full. 🙈

Have a wonderful weekend!


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