Flavor Buffet: July, vol. III

It’s a heat wave! Or rather, we’re about to be amidst a heat wave! Either way, this weekend is going to be HOT so I hope you have a cool place to hang out, plenty of ice in the freezer, and perhaps some plans to jump in the ocean. Summer! It’s so wonderful until we have a heat wave; however, I am not complaining. I do not miss winter one bit.

This week’s Buffet is truly a myriad of topics: kitchen organization, tips for using buttermilk, recipes that are best for cooler weather (oops), and some products that I’ll possibly be ordering in the near future.

Have a great weekend - stay safe and cool!


For all of those times you have leftover buttermilk, reference this article that has lots of suggestions for how to use the rest of it. Because you and I both know you’re not making pancakes every single day of the week. Or maybe you are and now I am jealous.

Kitchen organizing and pantry-stocking are activities near and dear to me. I thought we were pretty well stocked, but after reading this girl’s guide to how she organizes her shelves and sharing with readers what’s always available, apparently there’s a lot more I should keep around!

An ode to the great, and apparently fizzling, Dean and Deluca - say it isn’t so!! I will miss this specialty food shop’s presence in New York City and savor the memories I have from many, many visits. Long live (pre-celiac) #pepperonibread.


A breakfast and two dinner ideas …I crave them all.

I am also craving all of the ice cream. #heatwave

No-Flip Blueberry Pancake: a giant pancake of my dreams that serves six! I am making this. Stay tuned…

Spanish Baked Rice with Chorizo and Chickpeas: omg this sounds awesome and so perfect for a weeknight. I can only imagine the leftovers! ;)

Spaghetti with No-Cook Puttanesca: we may give in and make pasta during the heat wave. This recipe sounds very promising and we’d just need to swap out regular spaghetti for gluten free.


Boston, Maine, New York, where are you headed this summer? Quick weekends, longer trips, wherever/whenever you’re going, you’ll need to eat! And when you’re on vacation, you better be eating well. Check out my dining guides (gluten free!) for my favorite spots to enjoy the day - or night - all summer long.

Bar Bites Local for Boston

Bar Bites Beyond for Maine and beyond.


Trays on which to eat your dinner, if you need to sit on the couch while eating. Hey, we’ve all done it. May as well eat in style. And not miss a single episode of your favorite show(s).

Considering a new backpack, still, and am currently eyeing this one. Still undecided on the quilted, though…

Why must these white jeans be back-ordered until October? Not an actual problem, but uh, I won’t want to wear them in the fall. I’d like to wear them now.

Ok, I usually lean toward the practical when it comes to handbags (are you surprised?), but I kind of love this one. Atypical for me, but kind of cool, right?



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