Flavor Buffet: July, vol. IV

Wow, how is it already almost the end of July?! I blinked, sweated, and there it went. But not so fast! Our anniversary is next week and I can’t wait. ☺️

Meanwhile, let’s go through this Buffet shall we? It’s filled with recipe inspiration that comes from all over, a plethora of restaurant recs, cookies and muffins that I just love, jeans I probably need (or not) and more.

Have a great weekend!


Inspiration for our meals comes from a vast number of places ranging from cookbooks, online cooking site, social media, and even random ingredients while shopping. However, I’m always interested to see what others are bookmarking for recipes as perhaps I’ll see a dish I haven’t yet noticed (and will then subsequently save it for one of our meal plans).

Despite my personal preference for angel hair pasta, I understand it’s not everyones favorite. Check out Bon Appétit’s food editor’s newsletter for this week in which she made a case against angel hair, but for rice vermicelli, and included a delicious-sounding recipe. Bookmarked. ;)

Plugging this awesome guide to 100 Restaurants in NYC again because it’s quite vast and I personally plan to give it a re-read!

I ❤️ NY


The joy of summer is shining all over and what’s next on my baking plan besides blueberry everything? Corn! Corn muffins, to be exact. I made this recipe last summer and have been semi-patiently waiting for fresh corn to be available again to bake them. Too. Delicious.

I’m saving this Chicken and Beans Stir-Fry with Miso Curry because it sounds like a perfect dinner after a busy Tuesday. Why Tuesday? Why not?

Very intrigued by this adapted recipe for those famous pan-banging chocolate chip cookies (Sarah Kieffer’s original is fantastic) that are just so irresistible. In this version, the dough is frozen briefly before baking the cookies and pan-banging as usual. Now, where are my baking sheets…


Speaking of New York, have you been recently? I’m about to create my third (!) volume of awesome spots to go next time you’re in The Big Apple.

In case you’re going to the city…

Here is volume I.

Here is volume II.

And if you’re in Boston hoping to go out tonight, here you go! Plan away…


How responsible of me - I haven’t been shopping recently! But if I were to go…

I love these jeans.

It’s far from being fall, thank goodness, but I admit this sweater looks fabulous.

Summer is tough on my thick, very wavy hair. It lives in a ponytail or bun the majority of the time, sadly. Perhaps this Oribe smoothing cream will help make it easier to style during these hot summer weeks. I’ll let you know how it turns out. 😎



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