Flavor Buffet: July, vol. II

Have I told you how much I simply love summer? Maybe it’s the warm air, the semi-flowing sunshine, or just the vibrance of all the summer foods (fresh, local produce is having its shining moment right now).

Additionally, my passion for the season is associated with two, pretty big personal events: my wedding anniversary (aww) and my birthday (hooray). But enough about my life. Let’s get to the Buffet - it’s super-summery, fresh, and delicious.

Have a great weekend!


Just scrolling through these summer getaway destinations makes me want to renew my passport immediately. However, I’d take a trip to CA in an instant. My love for the northeast in the summer is fierce, but travel sounds pretty fabulous, too.

As an avid fan of caramelized onions, I found this investigation of how long it actually takes to caramelize onions fairly fascinating. The results won’t surprise you; it takes a while to create those “jammy” and ultra-sweet onions that are one of my favorite pizza toppings. ;)

I had to chuckle, and nod my head intensely, when the Bon Appétit editor-in-chief’s newsletter this week had the title Maine is the Best-Ever Vacation Spot.” I couldn’t agree more! Finally, someone (else) said it.

Yes, I need to eat gluten free; however, that will never stop me from reading about new restaurants and following city guides that feature great spots even if my options at each one may be limited. I’m thrilled to dive into “The NYC 100” because it’s all about dining in my favorite city for every scenario imaginable. And even if I only find one new-to-me restaurant in this list worth trying, then it’s still totally worth the read.


For some reason my Italian food cravings come out of the woodwork during the summer months. Maybe it’s subliminal messaging that I need to book my trip to the Amalfi coast right now, or that I just really love Italian cuisine. Either way, I do know that we need to make this Tomato and Parmesan Risotto very soon.

It’s been a while since we’ve made hummus. Time to change that! This recipe for Hummus with Spiced Summer Squash and Lamb seems perfect for a lazy summer dinner - served on the patio, please. ;)

Speaking of breakfast sweets, it’s time to get baking again! And to keep it seasonal and fresh, let’s make these Easy Blueberry Cream Scones. I can hear the brunch crowd already…

Just can’t help myself with the berries. Adding this Blueberry and Corn Crisp to my must-bake list. Could I be leaning in to summer any more right now?!


My gluten free dining guide, Bar Bites, will help you find your new favorite restaurant. Here are my guides to the best spots to eat in Boston… and beyond!

Bar Bites: Local (Boston and the ‘burbs)

Bar Bites: Beyond (Maine, NYC, Las Vegas)

Restaurants included are not solely gluten free (unless otherwise noted). Always alert your server of any dietary restrictions. Trust your gut. Celiac Disease affects everyone differently.


If anyone is wondering, I am considering buying “investment shampoo,” which is shampoo that is not sold at grocery stores or CVS. I love Aesop hand soap so I wonder if their shampoo is just as glorious? I’ll let you know.

In mildly-exciting news, we need metal skewers for all of our grilling (far better than wooden ones). I’ll probably order this set very soon/tonight.

I already have two of these rim-less baking sheets, but I need two (ten?) more. Honestly, the best cookies I have made seem to have all been baked on rim-less sheets. I’ve done a lot of testing. ;)



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