Flavor Buffet: June, vol. II

Happy Friday, everyone! This weekend looks to be a mish-mash of sunshine and showers so I’m planning accordingly. Umbrella on hand, just in case.

Sunday is Father’s Day! Not to be biased, but my dad is the freaking best. I can’t wait to celebrate him on Sunday. I’m also very fortunate to have other dads and a grandfather in my life that are just as wonderful. Cheers to all of them!

In the meantime, let me offer you this week’s Buffet which is filled with Father’s Day options, great articles worth a read, and recipes that every dad will enjoy. No grill required! 😉

Have a great weekend!


With my 34th birthday coming up in just two short months, this “Guide to Your 30s” is quite timely. I’m loving this decade, no doubt about it, but this guide (and additional articles) poses interesting questions, and answers, for how to navigate the world at this age. We’re adults, but we still want to have fun, which is totally OK.

Last year we went to Las Vegas for a conference related to Seth’s work, and while we were there, I must admit the food scene was pretty good! I’m not exactly rushing back to the city, but I found this chef’s guide to Vegas very interesting and took me back to my very first trip out west. Maybe we will go back…

Here’s the thing: I had big plans when I was six years old to start a watermelon juice company. My enthusiasm was high, but my attention span wasn’t exactly matching up. I had so much vision! Sadly, I got side-tracked, when to school like everyone else, off to college, and well, time passed. Maybe I should’ve started that company way back then because now this juice is everywhere. I need to make a salted watermelon margarita this weekend. Yes, this is a recipe link, but just go with it. It’s watermelon time!


Father’s Day food! Maybe he’d like one of these?!

Who doesn’t love scallops in the summer? One of my favorites to eat by the seashore, this recipe features them with corn and chorizo and I can’t think of anything better.

While I have expressed my non-passion for fruit-focused desserts before, there’s something about these Strawberry Shortcakes that I just can’t shake. They. Look. So. Good. Maybe they’ll be a soon-to-happen baking project? Stay tuned…

Now here’s something my dad and I will always agree on: pancakes! We are both big fans of the fluffy stacks covered in the best maple syrup we can find. I’ll need to make him these buttermilk cakes someday soon.


We’ve been going to The Stones on Friday nights and I love it. Great food, easy drinks, and a plethora of gluten free options - including fries! The chili-cheese ones are fabulous.

One thing my dad absolutely loves is a great burger. And one of his favorites is The Bancroft Burger at - you guessed it - The Bancroft. Not only are the burgers delicious, but the steaks are awesome and I personally love the shrimp cocktail (another of my dad’s favorites, too).

Speaking of pancakes, Seth’s dad loves the lemon-ricotta pancakes at the Rowes Wharf Sea Grille at the Boston Harbor Hotel (they look fantastic). While the pancakes are not GF, they do have plenty of other safe breakfast (and lunch and dinner) options. I always order omelettes or steak and eggs because I’m an eggs-in-the-am kind of gal ( I love pancakes; they just need to be safe).


Must admit I’ve been sleeping far better than usual these days. What a thrill! I’ve been feeling extra-rested and I bet it’s because of our new sheets. Love this bedding.

I may not need a second Le Creuset dutch oven right now, but this new color, ‘quince,’ is awesome and makes me want to add another piece to our collection. Bright colors are just so fun in the summer…

Someday we’ll have more space, a backyard, and space for a Big Green Egg. Have you heard of these ultra-hip grills? Seth really wants one and honestly, who could blame him? This model can cook a 20-pound turkey or seven (!!) racks of ribs. Wow.



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