Flavor Buffet: June, vol. III

Happy Friday, all! We made it!

This week seemed to linger a bit more than I expected so I’m more than ready for the weekend. Perhaps it was all the cloudy days? 🙄 Regardless, the next two days are set to be beautiful and I’m psyched. Let’s get outside and enjoy them!

As you settle in for time off, take a gander at this week’s Buffet! A variety of goodies, as usual, and ready to help you have a great time. Cooking? Dining? Shopping? It’s all here.

Have a great weekend!


While we have come to rely on meal planning every Sunday, I understand it’s not the most joyful task for everyone. In fact, it can be daunting to organize despite how much the plan helps the general flow of the week. Check out this piece which is all about how one woman decided to incorporate meal planning into her life to keep it less chaotic and make dinnertime even more enjoyable for herself and her family.

Familiar with the tag #vanlife ? Well, now we all are after reading this interesting piece about the influx of women changing their lives by living out of vans and traveling around - and not always with the financial means to do so. This sounds very freeing, but uh, I think I like my apartment too much.

A wonderful tribute to the late Molly O’Neill. Her New York Cookbook has a permanent spot in my mom’s cookbook collection.

Another great addition to Food52’s Hit the Road, Snack, this time they visit Massachusetts! Take a deep dive into Pioneer Valley which is far from Boston (on the western side of the state), but offers plenty of excellent food, culture, and time in the great outdoors.


Summer is all about low-maintenance cooking so this Cheesiest Grilled Cheese is exactly what I’m craving. Just be sure to use your favorite GF bread! And uh, who dips their sandwich in ketchup? Should I try it?

Speaking of easy (and cheese-y), these Guacamole Turkey Burgers with Pepperjack Cheese sound right up my alley. Everything about this meal seems absurdly delicious. Adding to a future meal plan, now.

Summer Spritz Season has arrived. And here are a handful of ways to make them! Better question: do I like this drink? I don’t love bubbly cocktails, but I do enjoy champagne. So let’s see how this goes!

In the mood for major flavor? We made these Quick Kimchi Pancakes last year and we absolutely loved them. I have no idea why we haven’t made them again - they’re so easy and yummy! Just make sure to use GF soy sauce and GF flour.


I’ve been a regular at Twist Bakery Cafe for breakfast at least once every weekend. No shame. Their breakfast sandwiches are build-your-own (aka made-to-order) and simply delicious.

Hot and sunny days make me crave a few foods in particular and one of them is fried seafood! We haven’t been to Woodman’s of Essex yet this year, but I can’t wait! Their GF options are plenty; the fried clams are top-notch.

We are heading to NYC later this summer and I’m thrilled! While working on another edition of my New York dining guide, I’ll be sure to visit one of my absolute favorites, Friedman’s. I’ll probably order the Belgian waffle and pancakes. 😏


Isn’t it always the case that you run out of all skincare products at once? Well, that happened to me this week and so I took it as an opportunity to try a new product. I’m trying this Caudalie cleansing oil for a makeup remover. I’ll let you know how it goes!

It’s almost time to search for new work shoes. I’ve been wearing M.Gemi flats for years and they’re just so comfy - and perfect for office attire. Have you tried them yet?

Making grilled cheese right in the toaster?! Is this some kind of magic? Nope. There is a new-fangled product called a “tostabag” which allows you to cook a grilled cheese in the toaster! Wow. And the bags are reusable! As if I needed another reason to love this very cool item. Ordering. Now.



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