Flavor Buffet: June, vol. I

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s just about time for the weekend and man, it’s going to be a gorgeous one here in Boston. Nothing more lovely than a beautiful weekend in June. It just feels so “classic summer” don’t you think? I wish I had a wedding to attend!

This time of year always gets me in the mood to dress up, eat awesome hors d’oeuvre, have some champagne, and dance the night away! Maybe that’s just me? 😏 

Regardless of what you’re up to this weekend, my plans sadly don’t include any dancing (so far), I hope you have a fun one and kick it off with this week’s Buffet. There’s so much to explore!  

Have a great weekend! 


Not surprising anyone with this statement, but here goes: I am a big fan of using silicone baking mats. Especially when baking cookies! They make it so easy to transfer the cookies to cooling racks and are wonderfully easy to clean. Do you use them? Beyond cookie-baking, they have many great other uses as well.

While I often think to throw blocks of mozzarella into the food processor for quick shredding, it never crossed my mind to do the same with Parmesan. Well, of course Ina Garten did just that and turns out it’s the best way to get a new form of shredded parm on the table. I think it’s time for pasta!

Here’s a fun fact: I love Cheetos. Yup. No shame. I love them. But would I wear, and thus display my adoration,  Cheetos-themed apparel? Probably not. The orange-hue on my fingers is enough of a hint. ;)


Summer has arrived and I’m already loving it. Here is an excellent piece discussing the Painkiller, including a recipe, which is actually one of the (very few) sweet and tropical drinks I enjoy. But there’s no denying how perfect this tiki drink tastes when it’s too hot to do, well, anything.

Asparagus season is dwindling, already, so we need to keep this great green in the meal plan for as long as we can. How about this asparagus pasta? Looks scrumptious!

One of the best ways to enjoy a delicious meal during summer, or offer an impressive display for guests, is to serve a massive charcuterie platter. There’s really no wrong way to make them, but this one in particular looks pretty darn perfect. Obviously you can sub-in GF bread and crackers. :)


Just last week Seth and I went to Sakura Organic for sushi, Cravings for ice cream, Twist Bakery Cafe for breakfast, and are in the midst of figuring out where to go for dinner this weekend. We cook all week, but love going out once Friday arrives.

You can find all of our favorite local spots in and around Boston in my restaurant guide, Bar Bites, which includes reviews, favorite dishes, and more!

More interested in travel? Check out Bar Bites Beyond which offers guides to NYC, Las Vegas, and southern Maine.

And if you’re more in the mood to cook, I’d recommend checking out Weeknight Dinner Recap. We have made five different meals every week for over two years! The Recaps include recipe reviews, links, and colorful discussion about the food.


Thrilled that my new face moisturizer arrived in the mail this week! I debated a few brands, but stuck with my current favorite for the past few years. Highly recommend this great company!

Maybe my style is turning a bit more “prep,” but I don’t really mind. Especially in the summer. I may need to add this top to my collection.

The Bloomingdale’s Friends and Family event runs through Sunday and it’s 25% off a huge selection throughout the store. Even with the abundant sunshine, I may need to stop by and look around. ;)



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