Flavor Buffet: May, vol. V

What a quick week! Another joy of the long weekend is the four-day work week that follows. All of a sudden...it’s Friday! And since it’s the very end of May, that means it’s time for the last Flavor Buffet of the month. But don’t worry; this series is new every week, no matter the month. ;) 

Now without further ado, this week’s collection of early summer reads, recipes, restaurants, and products.

Have a great weekend!  


The world of gluten free pasta has come a long way in a fairly short amount of time. And as I gear up to consider making pasta at home, from scratch, I’m definitely keeping this article and recipe in mind. Is this really the best GF pasta?!

Are you one of the lucky ones that will have frequent access to an outdoor grill this summer? If so, then lucky you! May I recommend this article featuring the nine, must-have tools for perfecting your burgers, steaks, and more? They each come with a chef’s approval and praise.

Besides my passion for the New England coastline and the cold waters of the Atlantic, I have a longstanding plan to eventually, someday do a big road trip up and down the PCH in California. Photos aren’t enough; I want to experience it myself. I’m bookmarking this guide which features 24 places to eat along the ride. PS: this is part of Food52’s very cool series for the summer, “Hit the Road, Snack.” Too clever!

A summer staple is, of course, ice cream! Check out this fun review of six store-bought pints of vanilla. While I’m not sure I agree with the winner, I’m happy to report that vanilla will always be one of my personal favorite flavors - clean and simple! And delicious with fudge sauce. ;)


Time to make the...cookies! Whipping out my mixer in the near future and these buttermilk chocolate chip cookies may be exactly what I need.

Berry season! I’m not much of a fruit fan (please keep reading), but I do love berries. And I love berry desserts that include some sort of crumbly topping. How convenient that I found these raspberry crumble tart bars! Yum...  

On a lighter note, salads should be all the rage now that summer is here and everything we are eating is grilled. Well, almost everything. Are you familiar with a watermelon and feta salad? If not, then I think you should be because they’re delicious, refreshing, and a fun mix of ingredients. I’m psyched to try this new one featured in Bon Appétit’s summer grilling issue that adds turmeric oil to the classic pair. 


It’s the start of summer so may I offer you...

My brand-new dining guide to southern Maine.

My two-part series on dining in New York City. Part 1 and Part 2.

The latest list of spots we visit on weekends in and around our home in Boston!


Did you hear? Nordstrom is having their Half-Yearly Sale through Sunday! I may need to pop over and look around...

Summer wardrobe creation is in high-gear (oh boy) and I might need to order this light yellow striped dress right now. And this denim one. Someone hide my wallet.

As much as I talk about loving the sun, you bet I do, I’m also very aware of skin care and trying to not get a bad sunburn (they hurt and can be dangerous). We have been using Neutrogena sunblock for years, but I’ve been looking into other brands more recently. I’m considering this one by EltaMD which has received excellent reviews and is designed to be worn during outdoor activities. 



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