Flavor Buffet

We’ve reached the weekend! Rejoice! Now, our plans are a bit up in the air, but I do know that our Friday night includes staying in and eating something delicious. And probably a bunch of television. 😎

I hear the weather is supposed to finally warm up (above freezing! What?!) so I’d love to be outside a bunch before winter decides to come back on Sunday.

I’ve also got high hopes that my latest online order gets delivered before Monday. Fingers crossed! ☺️

In the meantime, let’s get to the Buffet. A few of my favorite articles, recipes, restaurants, and products to get your weekend off to a fun start! 

Let’s go!

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The cookbook list is lengthening again! I can’t wait for Carla Lalli Music’s book, Where Cooking Begins, to come out this month as she’s one of my favorite writers and recipe developers at Bon Appétit. Until the book’s release, check out this article featuring her “Fundamental Cooking Lessons” and see if any of these are already part of your cooking routine.

Forever fascinated by people who quit the “regular life” to start something amazing, this former food writer at New York magazine decided to start a cookware company with her close friend. Sierra Tishgart is the co-founder of Great Jones cookware and her story of how it came to be is pretty incredible.

If left to my own devices when it comes to dinner, I’m fairly certain I would subsist on fried rice, eggs, and frozen gnocchi. I am beyond grateful for Seth’s love of cooking. Check out this fun piece that checks in with a handful of “food geniuses” and what they make for themself when home alone and no one is watching.


Meatless meals are finding their way onto our meal plans far more often these days. And I’m not mad about it! I’m strongly considering this crispy tofu recipe for an upcoming week!

Unexpected events, AKA our sweet potatoes were no longer viable, led to us going out for dinner on Thursday. We usual go out on Fridays, but plans change. Now I’m thinking this dish may be just right for a let’s-stay-in Friday night.

Seth’s birthday is coming up! Should I make him this fabulous-looking chocolate cake with champagne?


One of my favorite reasons to go out to eat is to indulge a little more than when we’re cooking at home. And one of the best places to do that is Burton’s Grill and Bar. Almost the entire menu can be made gluten free and they have some of the best GF onion rings I’ve ever had. Mmmm….

Between Christmas and New Years we went out for an ultra-fancy evening at a landmark restaurant in Boston, No. 9 Park. The service was impeccable, the food incredible, and the experience just amazing. We let them know ahead of time of my dietary restriction and they handled it with ease. As expected. ;)

Let’s face it: winter is not over. But the glimmer of spring and summer is fairly in focus and that means I’m already excited for trips to Woodman’s in Essex, MA for some of the best GF fried seafood in the state. Fried clams here we come! For the record, they are actually open year-round. :)


If you’ve been following along lately, then you know we’ve been on a steady health kick in 2019. Our latest change for the sake of wellness? Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. Dissolving the powder in a glass of water twice a day is an extra boost of protein and is great for healthier nails, skin, bones and joints. Here’s hoping!

The snow is still here, but that won’t stop me from starting to build a spring wardrobe. Of course, I started with shoes. Already loving my first pair of Veja sneakers; I now have a second on their way. ;)

If you’re wondering what my favorite snack-cracker is (maybe?), it’s these. Simple Mills almond flour crackers are incredible. And perfect for everything.


Eat, well.