Flavor Buffet: Refresh

Flavor Buffet just got a lot more flavor!

Read. Cook. Dine. Shop.

Each week Flavor Buffet will now include three articles I read from the food world, three recipes I’ve bookmarked, three restaurants I’d love for you to try, and three products I’m enjoying or considering for purchase.

Let’s go!

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Have I mentioned I’m not the best at sleeping? Exhausted or not, I’ve always had a hard time falling asleep, and staying asleep. Perhaps I need to try one of these remedies to try and get extra rest each night…

What’s the best way to see a new place? How do you vacation? I’m all for seeing the “must visit” spots when in a new place, but I do support the mindset of “don’t be a tourist.” While I don’t want to give off the appearance of a tourist, I do want to explore a new city/beach/desert by making sure I see all of the spots for tourists. This piece explores that mentality, joyfully.

Admittedly, I am always curious about other people’s homes. Especially famous people’s homes. Will there kitchen be organized or messy? Is there couch preference plush or stuffy? I find it fascinating. Take a peek at renowned cookbook author Dorie Greenspan’s home, specifically her home office, which looks to be a perfect balance of fashion and function.


The best part of a pie, in my opinion, is the crust. So buttery! Then why not skip the filling altogether and make a pie cookie? Genius. Why hadn’t I thought of this?! Have you made pie crust cookies before? Yum.

Let’s plan a dinner party that features veggies coated in fabulous flavors. I’d like for these cauliflower kebabs to be the first item on the menu!

May need to lift my temporary ban on noodles to make this dish. I’m forever tempted by anything that has spicy, sweet, and pork all in the same sentence.


Early in February we went to Puritan and Company in Cambridge and it was simply splendid! Delicious food and cocktails, plus a knowledgeable staff who easily addressed my dietary requirements. Can’t wait to go back!

Upon the discovery that a local spot, The Stones Common House and Kitchen, was offering fries in multiple ways that were gluten free with no worry of cross-contamination, I practically sprinted to their front door. The salads were pretty delicious, too.

Looking for a fancy night out? Make a reservation (or head to the bar) at the lovely L’Andana for an incredible assortment of scrumptious dishes. The majority of the menu can easily be done gluten free and I inhaled their GF garlic bread. I practically wept it was so good. PS: they have gluten free pasta. ;)


We’ve been cooking up a storm from COOK90 and honestly, a majority of the recipes are naturally gluten free! I’ve recommended it to several friends already as a great addition to their cookbook collection. :)

For what it’s worth, finding great-fitting jeans is tough. And don’t get me started on finding ones that are an appropriate length. Thankful for Madewell denim that seems to be doing an awesome job in both categories. I’ve recently purchased a couple new, perfect-length pairs in anticipation of spring. 

Yes, we could make our own chili oil, but in the meantime we keep this jar in the fridge at all times. It’s an awesome condiment to keep handy, always.



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