Flavor Buffet

Man, am I glad it’s Friday! There was something about this week that made it seem way too long. Perhaps the daily salads? Or maybe the lack of sunshine? 🤷‍♀️ Either way, I’m glad the weekend has arrived! Time for some fun, some chilly (but sunny) walks, and probably some delicious food.

But for now, let’s get to the Buffet. You have got quite a lot of reading to do!

1. Admittedly, I am a fan of keeping up with trends, or at least knowing about them, so it came as no surprise when I learned about the current “fashion trend” that is to wear clothing from your favorite restaurant. I enjoy buying restaurant-branded shirts and tchotchkes. 

Yes, restaurants are getting in on the clothing world (some of them) by producing very-in-demand items labeled with a witty phrase, logo, or statement that signals to others that the wearer of said item is in the know (the article notes it as a “status symbol.” I’m not sure there’s another way to more quickly produce #FOMO but the world is a funny place. 

For now, I’m keeping my eyes peeled at some of my favorite spots to see if there’s a shirt to pick up on my way out. May end up being my new favorite piece. 😏

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2. Let’s be clear: I rarely drink coffee. No joke. I don’t have it on the weekends and pretty infrequently during the work week. But when I do drink it, it’s usually a light roast served super hot and black. No dairy, no sweetener. I’m quite fun, aren’t I? 

The main reason I choose light roast is because I like the flavor more than dark, but other than that I couldn’t tell you much about the differences between the two. This article solves that problem quite neatly and now I know all of the answers to my (infrequent) coffee preference.

Full disclosure: I do love a latté. ;) 

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3. Having never been on a cruise ship, and not really planning to ever go on one, I can’t  deny the fact that I am always shocked and excited to learn about the quantities of food that are on those boats. There’s 24-hour dining! Pretty awesome.

But for 24-hour dining there needs to be a crew of cooks working constantly. Check out this fun piece that follows the continuous crew that make sure everyone on the cruise has something to eat and drink at all hours of the day and night. Could you keep up?

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4. What happens when you change the amount of sugar in a regular cookie recipe? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you because I’m a pretty strict rule-follower when baking (partially why I love baking so much). I’m good with instructions.

However, some people are far more daring than I and experimented with reducing the sugar - by half! - when making a popular cookie recipe from Bon Appétit. Turns out the results are still delicious. Thank goodness. 😉

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5. We’ve talked about my excitement for getting into pie-baking before, and as I am soon to embark on this buttery journey, I was thrilled to find a review of Sister Pie, one of the books I’ll be using for my projects. Low and behold, it has received many a glowing writeup.

Well, I knew it was an awesome cookbook due to the fact that I already own it and we made one of the salad recipes last week. Yes, the salads are spectacular so I can only assume the pies will be as well.  This review includes a recipe for one of the bakery’s classics... enjoy! 

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A man set out to cook every single Ina Garten recipe from all of her cookbooks. That’s 1,200 dishes! Whoah. So far, he is halfway through and is moving right along. This is a truly inspiring article in the world of cooking dedication and major adoration for Ina Garten.

But, can you blame him? She’s fabulous. And that food is good

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Fun fact: I need this two-tier cooling rack.  


1. Let’s try this cauliflower rice pilaf. The recipe is pretty basic, but I have a feeling it could become a great weeknight staple. 

2. I’m tempted to make this Simple Ribollita which would require me to use GF bread, but I’d consider leaving it out to see how that works. The flavors sound delicious!

3. Valentine’s Day is less than a week away! However you celebrate, perhaps we all need to try our hand at this gluten and dairy-free (!!) chocolate cake made with beets. Yup, beets. 

Have a great weekend! 


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