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Happy Friday, everyone, and hello February! Let’s kick off the month with a fun bunch of articles all about... food! Surprise!

This section is always about the food world in some way or another, so, uh, no surprise. But there is a bonus piece and there are recipe recommendations! Because beyond planning our meals every week, I’m constantly on the lookout for the next delicious thing. What? Just me? 

Let’s get to it!  

1. Apparently there are all kinds of rules one can follow when planning a Super Bowl Party. And most of these rules are food-related, shocking no one, since a bunch of the fun around such a party is the food!

I’m excited for the game itself, but having something salty/crunchy/cheesy to munch on throughout will be equally exciting. Check out these “rules” if you’re amidst the planning stages for Sunday. :)

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2. Keeping on that Super Bowl trend, and sharing with you my love for all things dip-related, here’s a piece that funnily discusses the reason why the Super Bowl is called the Super Bowl, which probably relates to the amount of dips-in-bowls consumed during the game. Seems reasonable to me!

There’s also a delicious-sounding white bean dip recipe in the piece - how handy! Just ignore the part about making homemade pita. ;)

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3. Collecting things was a favorite pastime of mine when growing up. Stickers, markers, pens, notebooks, stuffed animals, you name it. I collected all sorts of things. But as I got older I adjusted my search to “kitschy,” retro glassware on account of our yearly trip to Fishs Eddy in NYC. Have you been? It’s a blast. :)

Who knew that my longtime passion for “retro decal cups” was a passion of so many others, too. And that those glass collections would find their way into restaurants and bars all across the country! I’m considering this a sign that I was collecting something cool before it was cool. 😉 

Check out this piece for even more discussion of retro glassware and how it’s making restaurant owners, and customers, happier every day. 

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4. Sure, we use olive oil all of the time for cooking. It’s so easy! And versatile. I’m even enjoying olive oil drizzled over a Greek yogurt-based sauce/dip which makes the whole dish even better (yup). 

But what I didn’t know, and now I do, is that right now is the “best time” to be buying high-quality olive oil and putting it on everything. It’s peak olive oil season, everyone! And here’s another useful fact: olive oil has a shelf life of eighteen months once harvested. So, repeat after me: it’s time to buy olive oil!

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5. Perhaps including a piece about pancake’s best friend, maple syrup, wasn’t the wisest move when I’m pretty much cutting such carbs for the foreseeable future, but I just couldn’t resist!

Having grown up in New England and gone to college in Vermont, this naturally sweet goodness is basically a version of perfume, in my opinion. 😉

Thankfully, the extent of maple syrup’s abilities go far beyond that of breakfast carbs which means I’m all ears. Let’s all learn a little bit more about this natural sugar, shall we? 



Christina Tosi’s latest location of her famed Milk Bar is opening locally! I know the GF options are limited (and possibly not safe), but I can’t hide the fact that I’m excited to check out the brand-new Harvard Square location. At the very least it will provide an impressive amount of joyful inspiration. 😋  And motivation for me to get cracking on her latest book, All About Cake. 🎂

Check out this fun interview with Tosi and why she decided to collaborate with another East-Coast-based brand (a pizza shop) for her latest storefront. 



Let’s be honest: these are all for the Super Bowl. Go Pats! 😉 

We haven’t made meatballs in a while and that just isn’t sitting right with me. I think these Korean Style Gochujang Meatballs should be part of our weekend plans.  

Is there anything more Super Bowl-appropriate than Chile con Queso? Most definitely not. This recipe has been tabbed on my computer for far too long. ;) 

Speaking of dipping chips into hot cheese, another win would be this Cheesy Artichoke Dip which we have made before (easily done GF) and inhaled. It’s seriously scrumptious. 

Have a great (and fun!) weekend! 


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