Flavor Buffet

Hi, there! Let’s kick things off with a sweet treat and then get to the goods: Thanksgiving is next week (!!) so clearly I’m here to offer you tips, stories, and recipes for this week’s edition as you prepare for The Big Feast.

And of course, Thanksgiving is about being thankful for family, friends, and all that good stuff, but you know, I love a great Thanksgiving Buffet. 😉


1. Despite Thanksgiving being next week, everyone is also being bombarded (I say that sweetly) with the holidays that follow shortly after. When it comes to gifts, I’m all about the cool/fun/different and that’s exactly what this hip chocolate company based in Oregon seems to be. And apparently it’s seriously delicious. Who wouldn’t want a sweet and cool gift around the holidays?

2. Have you ever been to a potluck Thanksgiving? I have not, but if I were to ever attend one, that these rules would be extremely helpful. Call me detail-oriented, or a lover of control, but I do think it’s best to know ahead of time what will be showing up in an effort to avoid five turkeys, a bag of chips, three salads, and no dessert. Now that would be awful. 😉

3. As someone who hasn’t roasted a chicken yet on her own (yes, I’m 33), this article written by a 30-year-old doing the task for the first time gives me a lot of hope. Age is irrelevant - new skills are the prize around here. And this article is hilarious.

4. Maybe you’re skipping the usual commotion of Thanksgiving and just want to get away - good for you! May I suggest Hudson, New York?

Avoid the crowds in Manhattan watching the Parade and head upstate to this charming town with lots to see and do, and even more to eat and drink. Even though I’m Boston-based, I’m definitely adding Hudson to my weekend getaway list.

5. At what point do you begin prepping for Thanksgiving? A month ahead? Two weeks to go? The day before (yikes)?

Apparently, there is a lot of prep you can do way ahead, but the best time to get going on the big stuff you need on T-Day is two days ahead; Tuesday before Thanksgiving is prime prep time. So get yourself organized, make sure that turkey is brining, and get going! I’ll see you in the kitchen. 😉🦃


You guys, I love butter. I’ve shared my passion for perusing the “butter aisle” before, right? And while I don’t eat it on its own (I swear!), I am very particular about the butter I use for various meals and foods, but most importantly I’m very particular about the butter I use for baking.

So what’s the best “fancy supermarket butter” to buy when you’re running errands and need more of the good stuff for your fridge? The answer may surprise you!


This week I’m all about the sides. As in, side dishes at Thanksgiving. Because I bet you got the turkey covered, right? Lots of veggies and a sweet treat, of course. 😉

1. This recipe for Angel Corn sounds like a heavenly side dish for Thanksgiving or really any big meal. And it’s a great excuse to make sure we freeze even more corn during the summer.

2. While I already enjoy sweet potatoes on their own, why not take it up a notch and add brown butter and sausage to the pan? Yum.

3. The classic creamed spinach has been on our table for countless Thanksgivings. But this new version, Chard Gratin, sounds like a delicious option as well. Decadent and filled with greens? Hand over a plate!

4. Maybe some people want to skip the turkey altogether? This tart requires more time and effort than a lot of side dishes, but it could be a beautiful-looking main course that’s also OK for the vegetarians at your table. 

5. A side dish that doesn’t need much attention, but turns out awesome for all? I’m sold. Chile-glazed shallots sound incredible because I love that all of those amazing words are strung together - let’s add it to the list! 

6. To each their own on the dessert front, but my mind is on cookies: easy to grab one or a few from the buffet, this recipe sounds delightful and would be surprisingly perfect after all of that turkey and those (plentiful) side dishes.  

Have a wonderful weekend!  

Gluten Free Mollie D | Eat, well.