Flavor Buffet: Edition 19

Hi, there! Welcome to this week's edition of Flavor Buffet! From Southern staples that will surprise you, a massive taco trek, every meal you need to make this month, and a new ice cream craze I need to try, this week's articles are really all about food! Yummy, summery food!

Plus a bonus, of course, because you're worth it. :)

Let's get reading!

All articles are available via the link located below the description. 

1. While I wasn’t too familiar with Virginia Willis before reading this interview, I’m now quite eager to pick up her new book as well as the others she has written. The latest is all about redefining southern cooking and how it's way beyond biscuits and fried chicken.

In fact, it seems as though her book is focused on everything that’s as far from stereotypical southern food as possible, which is awesome. Look past the traditional and you just might learn a thing or two about the expansive offerings from numerous kinds of cuisine down south that are available right now. I can’t wait! 

2. I’ll make a bold statement: tacos are equatable to joy. I just really, really love them. And the kinds of tacos that exist in this country, specifically in Texas, are vast. Take a journey, almost 200 miles to be precise, with a born-and-bred Texan (he grew up eating tacos “before they were cool,”) who set out to find the best tacos in all of the Lone Star state. 

They’re all so mouth-wateringly delicious you may want to have a taco in hand while you read. 😉

3.  Are you familiar with ice cream rolls? Yes? No? Well, I haven’t had them yet, but a new spot, offering Mango Sticky Rice ice cream rolls has opened in Boston and I must visit. It’s a chain that began in NYC and finally made its way to Beantown.

While I need to investigate about it being GF, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, so just let me know if you’d like to join for my trek to the new shop! 

If you have had this treat before, then let me know what you think! It’s very pretty and looks absurdly refreshing. Did I mention we are amidst a heat wave? 😳 

4.  Since I can't seem to stop breaking my own rule, here's a great piece offering a set of recipes we all still need to make before summer comes to an end. Time flies and now that it's August, our summer weeks are numbered. Yikes!

Time to get in the kitchen and make some of these summer-specific dishes. Which of them look delicious to you? 

Personally, I don’t consider summer over until way after my birthday, which is in a couple weeks so... summer’s still on! 

5. Have you heard about the Keto diet? It’s not exactly new, but is currently popping up everywhere with its low-carb, high-fat, weight-loss gloss and well, I'm quite undecided on it. Jury is out and apparently some in the medical field aren't really fans, either. Always talk to a medical professional before making drastic changes to your diet.

My motto? Eat a balanced diet (some of everything) and only eliminate those things that you truly cannot consume. For me, that's gluten, due to celiac disease. But if you're interested, here are some solid facts and strong opinions about Keto. I’d love to know your thoughts about it!


I remember the first meal Seth ever made for us, in my old tiny (studio) apartment, like it was yesterday: a giant, multi-layer sandwich on beautiful ciabatta bread. Little did we know how not-OK that bread was for me to eat, but at the time it was the most delicious sandwich, ever.

Food connects us to those we care about in so many surprising ways. Memories around food are some of the strongest ones I have from various points in life.

Check out this sweet read all about the various first meals the crew over at Food52 has made for a partner. :)

Have a wonderful weekend! 


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