Flavor Buffet: Edition 18

It's Flavor Buffet Friday!

We’re already up to eighteen editions? Wow. That's a lot of great foodie reading. :)

Let's get to articles, shall we? The link to each piece is located below the brief description. 

1. While the tributes to the late Jonathan Gold came flowing in, I could barely select just one to include this week. I poured through many heart-warming articles from a number of big names in the food-writing world, but this one in particular spoke to me as the writer discusses how Gold's career made her realize that she, too, could become a food writer.

If you'd like to know about the other pieces I was considering for selection, let me know and I would be glad to forward them along. 

2. Of all the tomatoes on the market (in the market), why is it that we praise the heirloom tomato? What is it about this specific type that makes everyone flock to the display while grocery shopping, or immediately order off a menu's list of specials?

Learn all about the heirloom's origin, and why we're constantly seeking them out during their star season of summer.

3. In case you're traveling all around the USA this summer, or any time really, here's a great list of the best new restaurants in America. From coast to coast, there are options for everyone, and even I may find myself heading to a few of these soon!

Which ones sound most appealing to you? 

4.  'Tis the season for lobster rolls! I couldn't resist including this article all about versions of the must-eat-item found all over the New England coast. My favorites are the ones in Maine, which is where the most-awesome lobster-filled meals are enjoyed. But I may be biased. ;)

This piece is quite funny, and charming, as some of us will drive for way too long to indulge in this summertime essential. 

5. Did you catch Alison Roman's debut New York Times cooking column? Well, it was just as great and info-filled as her cookbook so I had to include the next piece. This time around she's making skillet chicken and giving us many reasons as to why chicken fat should be considered "liquid gold."

I hear she has another cookbook in the works... I can't wait!


Ever wondered about the process involved in cooking a restaurant's signature dish? This interesting piece is all about a line cook who is tasked with making a very special duck dish, night after night, and it's her greatest joy. A fun read and a glimpse behind-the-scenes, which I always appreciate!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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