Flavor Buffet: Edition 15

Welcome to this week's edition of Flavor Buffet! I hope you had a great 4th of July and have been enjoying some time to relax amidst this intense heat wave that just won't quit!

Full disclosure: I found these articles while sitting comfortably in air conditioning. However, I've been taking long walks in the crazy heat so I think it all balances out! A link to each article mentioned is listed below the description. 

Read up!

1. Recently, the Fancy Food Show 2018 took place in New York. What is it, you may be thinking? It's a gigantic exposition where hundreds and hundreds of vendors, brands, and up-and-coming everything go to showcase their products and hope to get picked up by, you know, Whole Foods, or other big retailers (although I hear that specialty shop owners browse around, too). Here's a fun look at one attendee's experience and all of the interesting free samples he tried. Some cool and worthy of a second bite, others... not so much. I did enjoy the great humor threaded throughout the piece. :)

2. While the 4th of July celebrations may have gone by, that doesn't mean your summer of BBQ joy has to end. In fact, it's early July and that means BBQ season is still going to be around for quite a while. To boost your creativity at your next outdoor gathering, here are eight fun ways to serve hot dogs, one of my favorite summer treats. Hot dogs are one of those foods that just taste better grilled in the summer sun and eaten on the sidewalk or in your friend's backyard. Fancy options optional, but honestly? They all sound pretty delicious!

3. Are any of you traveling around the US this summer? Are any of you traveling around the US and need access to 100% gluten free restaurants? Well, have I got a resource for you! My friend Carrie runs the website forglutensake.com and has created numerous guides to 100% gluten free establishments around the globe! She's currently traveling in Thailand, but her GF guides are always available on her website. Check out the link below which brings you directly to her gluten free guide to the USA, organized by state. The options seem to be endless! 

4.  Now, I have declared my less-than-common opinion that I don't exactly love cooked fruit. I know, you're appalled. But! It's summer, we love going to Maine, and that means blueberries. Everywhere. So, I'm trying to shove aside my mild non-passion for fruit-focused desserts and open my eyes a bit in favor of this summertime classic. Here's a great list of recipes, featuring blueberries, which may need to land on my table at some point during these hot, summer days.  P.S. I love frozen blueberries, for the record. :)

5. I had bee pollen once in a risotto, which was, in my opinion, a little strange! Maybe it was the prevalence of it (a lot), or maybe it was the surprising flavor (eh), but it wasn't outstanding. However, I didn't know that bee pollen could help, and possibly cure, your pesky summer allergies. This is an interesting piece that sheds some light on how this pollen is more helpful than not when combating your stuffy nose. I'm all ears! As long as I don't have it dusted on my food again. ;)


What is your opinion on the (apparently) New York "classic," Linguine and Clams? Personally, I've never had it, although I do enjoy fried clams like most New England-born  / seafood lovers do (no linguine required). But, who knew that there are fifteen versions of clam sauce? So many, in fact, that I assume I would enjoy at least one of them, right?

Here's a fun piece all about this dish and many ideas of ways to make it at home. Easily gluten free, too: just use GF linguine! :)

Have a great weekend!

Eat, well.