Flavor Buffet: Edition 16

Happy Friday, everyone!

Welcome to this week's Flavor Buffet which is quite a buffet this time around. I've got the top picks for fried seafood, the most top-notch Northeast resorts to visit this summer (you're so fancy!), a brand-new cooking column in the NY Times, and a couple fun, slightly informative, but silly pieces that may make you scratch your head and say, "wait, what?" 


1. Growing up in New England, near Boston, I’m pretty sure I was born with a passion for fried seafood and the scent of the ocean. However, trying to decide which fried seafood is the best, is a slightly more difficult task.

Thankfully, this article in Boston magazine clears that right up by listing the top seafoods that are best eaten fried. I bet you can guess number one! 😉

2. So cut me a little slack on this piece because it’s not exactly food-focused, but there’s a correlation I promise. Here’s the list of the top luxury resorts in the Northeast, as defined by Travel and Leisure, and I’m thrilled to see two, ultra-luxurious locations in Vermont take the top spots.

For every luxury resort listed, the food/dining scene seems to be just as glamorous. And for me, the food is basically just as important, if not more, than the accommodations themselves at places like these. Let’s get booking! 

3. You all know by now how much we love the major-success cookbook Dining In by Alison Roman. We have made many recipes from it and can say every time we are blown away by the delicious results. Now, she’s continuing her reign by debuting a brand-new cooking/food column in the New York Times about none other than... dinner!

This debut article is fun, informative, funny, and features a new fish recipe for a great weeknight or weekend meal. What could be better? Looking forward to keeping up with this great new column, for sure. 

4. Always on the lookout for new food-focused TV because apparently I like to surround myself with visions of something edible at all times, there’s a new show on PBS that we must check out! No Passport Required features Marcus Samuelsson traveling around the US learning about, and sharing with viewers, the great diversity of cuisines and culture in this country.

Learning about delicious food and the ultra-important history, and people, behind it? I’m all ears. I hope you can all tune in as well. 

5. Have you ever wondered about which recipe was the most sought after in, say, Idaho, in 2017? Well, I haven’t up until now but I can’t get enough of this awesome list, provided by Google, that lists the most “googled” recipe, by state, in 2017.

Some of the results are pretty surprising! Guess which is most popular for your home state before checking the list - you may be pleasantly surprised! Or just plain baffled. 😋


OK, this is purely for fun and conveniently is about one of my favorite seafoods: shrimp! If you enjoy memes and ridiculousness after a long week, then I highly recommend this joyous, but well-written, fluff. Perfect for Friday! 

Have a great weekend!