Flavor Buffet: May, vol. II

Happy Friday, folks!

We’re all about the mothers this weekend so pardon me while I lay-low on social media; sometimes a break is important! But before that, let’s talk about this Buffet, shall we?

While I could have filled it with all sorts of royal news (Archie!), I stuck to the plan and am offering up the usual: good and fun reads, plenty of recipes, restaurants that would be perfect for this weekend, and a few products I may be about to buy. ;)

I hope you have a great weekend!


Serious question: how does the style and comfort level of a chair in a restaurant affect your dining experience? Do you prefer a super-comfy seat? Or a more sturdy, wooden stool? Maybe you don’t even notice (yikes). Apparently, much thought goes into selecting the chairs at restaurants, which isn’t actually that surprising. Personally, I like the extra-comfy variety that are also supporting my back and allow me to relax just enough while enjoying my meal (and encourage ordering an extra course).

Dansko shoes are very popular for many professions, including the job of walking around a lot during college (hello!). But now, when I’m home baking cookies, my mind doesn’t jump to throwing on a pair of these super-functional, yet not entirely beautiful shoes. Who knew they were so popular in the kitchen?

This is a very real story about squirrels in one’s home. I laughed out loud. I’m looking forward to the next ‘chapter’ in this very entertaining series. Hits a little too close to home!


Have we gone over my rice passion yet? Well, we need to and by then I will probably have made this Fried Brown Rice with Kale and Turmeric. Wow. Yum. I need it.

And while we’re at it, this slideshow of 58 (!!) rice recipes is all around excellent, if you ask me. :)

Are you baking for your mom on Sunday? I’m not always down for cooked fruit, but this Strawberry Granola Crisp is extremely tempting.

I just can’t help myself. We are definitely adding this Pork Meatball Rice Bowl to an upcoming meal plan. Meatballs and rice. My loves.

Let’s spin it a little healthy with these Caprese Baked Omelet Muffins. It’s all eggs..but it looks like a muffin. Fun!


Just realized we haven’t been to Citrus & Salt in a while and that needs to change! It’s so good! And the decor is fabulously fun.

Sometimes you’re in the mood for a dirty martini (extra olives) and a plate of GF pasta. I’d recommend heading to Davio’s for an upbeat atmosphere to enjoy it all - their GF menu is fantastic! PS: Make sure to order dessert. ;)

With all the sunshine this week (two whole days!) I started getting summertime ice cream cravings.  Where’s your favorite spot to get a scoop? Locally, I’m loving Bedford Farms, Rancatore’s, and JP Licks. And don’t miss Abbott’s Frozen Custard; it’s divine. 


Always on the lookout for a new face cleanser, my usual products are about to run out so it’s time to try a new one! I’ve been pleased with my Tata Harper eye cream so now I’m looking into this Nourishing Oil Cleanser for my next purchase from this very environmentally-friendly brand.

A friend reminded me recently about Cuyana and now I can’t stop scrolling their beautiful leather bags, accessories, and well-made clothes that look perfect for this now-warm weather. Perhaps it’s time for a spring treat! Or better yet: this shop is overflowing with awesome Mother’s Day gifts.

How is it possible that I was thinking of buying a shirt just like this one, but wasn’t sure where I’d find it? How handy this exists! Off to the mall...



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