Flavor Buffet: May, vol. III

Happy Friday, everyone!

The weather looks promising again for most, if not the majority, of the weekend so if you need us, we’ll be outside! I’m looking forward to relaxing, enjoying the sunshine, and probably having a yummy meal (or two).

Take a look at this week’s Buffet to get inspired for wherever the next two days will take you - maybe out to dinner? maybe to bake a cake? There are ideas for all sorts of activities and fun reads to kick it off.

Have a great weekend!


This is a wonderful article about a man who switched careers later in life from dentist to line cook. It seems to be that it was the best decision of his life and it just goes to show that your life can be even better if you love what you do, and do what you love. I found this piece truly inspiring.

My art skills are far from what one would typically call “skills.” So this piece about decorating a frosted cake with just a spoon is right up my alley. Swoosh!

Are you curious about the squirrels from last week? The next installment of that series is available and it’s pretty entertaining (again). They returned!  

How long does it take you to make a design-related decision for your home? If it’s longer than you’re willing to admit, then be happy. You’re not alone! It’s no surprise that there are multiple spots in my apartment that remain “unfinished” because I can’t decide how to decorate.


I’m debating my next baking project... perhaps one of these will fit the bill!

Easiest Chocolate Birthday Cake - who needs a birthday as the reason to make a cake? I just want to bake! And I want a slice of cake.  The truth? I have yet to bake a “traditional” birthday cake! It’s time…

Lemony Glazed Cake Doughnut - why the heck not?! I’m strongly considering making these (gluten free) and I am very hopeful they will taste as divine as the photo looks.

Another chocolate chip cookie? Really? Wait, don’t yawn. Look, I’ve bookmarked this recipe because it’s a take on the Mrs. Fields classic that I still remember smelling and immediately inhaling at the mall in the 90s and still miss to this day (I rush past the storefront now). I love cookies. So I’ll make them eventually. ;)


The weather is going to be gorgeous on Saturday... where are you going to eat?! 

The patio gets packed, but the outdoor seating at Stephanie’s on Newbury in Boston is delightful on a beautiful, warm day.  

We are heading to the new (second) location of Twist Bakery Cafe in Burlington for breakfast outside at one of their cute patio tables this weekend. I can’t wait! This spot is 100% gluten free.

Always a fun option: get brunch at Gaslight in the South End and then stroll around the shops nearby. It can get crowded, but on a beautiful day, who cares?


Fear not! Mollie’s Market, filled with the must-haves for cooking, baking, and snacking, is coming oh-so-soon…

Who doesn’t love fresh towels or new sheets? I may be totally adulting here, but I’m kind of excited about the Bloomingdale’s Home sale.

Summer may still seem far off, but it’s not. June is just weeks away! I’m thinking a dress like this one would be perfect for an ultra-hot day (they will come!).

Since we’re cooking and baking so much these days, we’re constantly washing our hands! I don’t know about you, but I think including fancy hand soap in the kitchen is a must - it’s so luxurious! We love this Aesop hand soap at our kitchen sink; the scent is lovely. My hands always feel so soft and ultra-clean every time I use it.



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