Flavor Buffet

November kicks off quite an exciting period of time in the food world. Major holidays, family gatherings, cookie competitions, you know, it’s a busy time of year! So let’s get to the goods and dive into the dishes.

From starting your Thanksgiving menu planning to reading up on nutrition, this week’s set really covers both ends of the “eat it all” spectrum.

Also, the bonus is fun and the Snacks! section is delicious.  


1. Well, it’s November and that means one thing: the Thanksgiving countdown is on! Perhaps my most favorite holiday of the year, even more so as my food interests and baking joy have come into focus, but the real fun of it, for me, is the family part. I’m a sucker for tradition and I have no shame.

But since everyone needs to eat a lot on that day, too, here is Bon Appétit’s new Thanksgiving-approved recipe set to get you started. There’s 23 of them on this list so you know there’s something for everyone at your table! 

2. Ina Garten took over the Bon Appétit website this week as their guest editor! And amidst all of the fun pieces she worked on and wisdom she imparted upon us, my favorite was the article all about her must-have items in her kitchen pantry. I became flush with joy and pride upon learning that I actually keep a number of these items in my kitchen already! I’m just like Ina. 😂

And if you can’t get enough of her, here is a great piece/interview with Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka, who are longtime fans (and friends it seems) of Ina. They’ve been making her guacamole recipe forever; in fact, it may have been a pillar of their relationship!

3. Even though I aim to eat a fairly balanced diet (but I love cookies), especially having Celiac Disease, I’m always interested in learning more about nutrition and “encouraged” wellness advice from experts in the field.

Marion Nestle is one such expert (and professor at NYU) and this interview is a great read with her opinions about how we all eat these days. It offered some good insight and also strongly suggests the basic model of eat what you want, but maybe just a bit less of it. Balance being the key word throughout, which I wholeheartedly encourage as well. 😎

4. Is there anything more scrumptious to eat during a cold night than a cheesy baked pasta? Probably not. I’m excited by this article discussing the various options out there for making such a joyful, indulgent, and really delicious dish because the classic is well and good, but variations on a classic are even better. 😉

5. When you’re strapped for time or simply prefer the store-bought options, jarred tomato sauce is something everyone has bought and used one time or another. But how good is that jarred sauce?

This article puts a handful of the most common jarred sauce brands against one another in a very “formal” taste test to see which you should be buying for your weekly marinara and meatballs. The result did not surprise me!


Whether you’re a fan of astrology or not, I recommend checking out your November “Potato horoscope.” Trust me, it’s worth the click! I was thrilled when I learned that the dish representing me this month is the Golden Potato Cake. Uh, yum. 😎


Recipes I found this week and have bookmarked for upcoming weeks; you may want to do the same!  

Despite my latest cookbook order arriving, I have a new cart starting to fill up. Sister Pie, a Detroit bakery, has a brand-new cookbook out and these intriguing cookies are in it. Who wouldn’t love a peanut butter cookie - with a twist?

We are a few weeks from Thanksgiving so why not start some of the prep work? I haven’t done this before, but perhaps making gravy ahead of time isn’t the worst idea.  

In the market for another 15-minute dinner recipe? Who isn’t? This Kimchi Udon with Scallions is made from just a handful of pantry staples and packs way more punch than you would expect from such a quick dish. I’m bookmarking it now and using GF noodles instead. ;) 

While my baking has had a major cookie focus lately, I’m eager to jump into other desserts and sweets to broaden my skills and offerings. Chocolate bark is a favorite of mine so why not try making it at home? This recipe that has peanuts and potato chips seems like the perfect first attempt. 😋

Have a great weekend!

Gluten Free Mollie D | Eat, well.