Flavor Buffet: April, vol. II

It’s Friday! And I just can’t wait for the weekend. Do you have plans? Mine are fairly up in the air since it depends a lot on the weather - I’d love to spend lots of time outside in the springtime warmth.  Or, I hope to do that…

In the meantime, let’s dig in to the Buffet! Filled with everything you need to have a fun, informative, and fancy (if you want) time!

Have a great weekend!


Articles I read this week that I just had to share with you.

How would you rank your love of tacos? Mine is right up there with how much I love a great-fitting jacket or a new pair of shoes (which is a lot). It’s no surprise that some of this country’s best tacos are in LA. But did you know that those tacos are served in a parking lot of a tire shop and are insanely affordable? Seriously. Read more about that, here.

Let’s be real: adding an appropriate tip to your bill when dining out is not only courteous, but also, frankly, necessary. There’s a lot of chatter lately about tipping, including a “hack” video, and much discussion on why it’s necessary, no matter what.

This is such a great list of cookbooks! Jenny Rosenstrach shares a set of her favorite cookbooks that she turns to time and again; and have earned a permanent spot on her bookshelf. I was so excited to see one of my own favorites (Dinner by Melissa Clark) amidst her list.


Three recipes I’ve bookmarked and suggest you do as well!

Food doesn’t need to be complicated. I’m considering this Taleggio cheese sauce, with only two ingredients, to be part of an upcoming meal plan.

Quick, before brussels sprouts are totally not-seasonal, I’d like to make this Warm, Cheesy Brussels Sprouts Salad. Looks delicious to me!

While I haven’t gone too far into the cake world yet, I saw this Carrot Loaf Cake and was immediately drawn to it. Perhaps it should be next on my baking list - doesn’t it look yummy?!


Why not try one of these spots this weekend? Maybe we’ll see you there!

In the mood for an opulent night of seafood? Make your way to the beautiful bar, or make a reservation for a table, at the wonderful Ostra in the Back Bay of Boston. The atmosphere is sophisticated and chic, the food is just…amazing. And don’t miss the incredible decor - the sea is all around!

Fond memories abound when I talk about, or go to, Lone Star Taco Bar. Seth and I used to live in walking distance to this hip Allston spot which was both delicious and dangerous (we went several times each week). I can’t speak highly enough of their amazing tacos, carnitas is my favorite, or the friendly, upbeat staff that always make us feel welcome, even when we feel like the oldest couple at the bar.

This suburban restaurant opened fairly recently and I need to check it out! Have you been to Love at First Bite Thai Kitchen in Lexington yet? I know they offer gluten free food on the menu so I’m keeping it high on my list of places to go. We’re big fans of Thai cuisine!


Mollie’s Market is launching…so soon!

These Epicurean nonslip cutting boards are some of the best we’ve ever used for cutting and chopping dinner ingredients. I highly recommend this brand! And don’t worry, this is not sponsored. ;)

Can’t deny that this All-Clad French Skillet is my go-to for everyday eggs and so much more. It’s a staple item in our kitchen. Just remember to only use silicone or wooden spoons/spatulas in them - metal will damage the nonstick coating!

What I love about our Le Creuset Deluxe Round Trivet is that it is functional and fashionable. They’re perfect for keeping that hot pan of dinner on the table (when you’re ready for seconds) or sitting pretty when not in use.